Sync/Link with Amex


I’m a new client and would like to propose an idea that would suit perfectly my intentions and surely many other users.
I do use frequently my Amex in order to get rewards. Thus, I do have a strong incentive to keep using the American Express card as I get points in every transaction I made.
With Mondo I can get simplified processes in my iPhone however if I use your card I’m not getting the Amex reward points.
Thus and aligned with the aforementioned scenario, I do propose you to link my Amex account with my Mondo account so I can get both the reward points and also all your advantages with a simple click.
I kindly ask you to assess my question, assuming that your team already thought on something similar for sure. Hopefully this “challenge” would be solvable in the near future.

(Caleb Wong) #2

As I have shared earlier, maybe This can help you. The Curve card is excatly what you are looking for, to link all your cards to one. While I think Mondo is going forward as a bank.
Curve Card discussion


As any user I don’t want to have several accounts. Integration is the future.
I guess I’ll continue to use my Amex.
Any suggestion or response from Mondo on the link with Amex?

(John Mapley) #4

If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the purpose of using Mondo at this point if you’re already happy with your Amex card?

Mondo is aiming to be a bank, which is a different proposition to Amex’s offering as a credit card and a different proposition to services like Curve. When Mondo get their banking license you’ll be able to pay your Amex bill from your Mondo account.

This does raise a great potential feature for the future though, which is to display a “spendable” balance in the Mondo app, which is your account balance minus any credit card balances. Obviously a lot of work and integration with credit card providers would be required, so not sure if that’s feasible.

Maybe this’d be a great perk for users of the Mondo credit card, if/when that’s a thing :rocket:


The fact of having an Amex do not dissuade me to use Mondo. I know exactly the potential of Mondo’s disruptiveness as a challenger bank. I just wanted to check if that is in mind for the the future, i.e. having rewards at Mondo or syncing with other bank accounts. The idea is simple: having the Mondo dashboard, using the Mondo card but with linking the spend to my Amex so I could get the reward points. Simple!
To conclude, I’m a first move and did register with Mondo to be safe in the future demand.

(John Mapley) #6

I’m still a bit confused. You want to sync with your Amex card or with some bank account? Seems like they would be quite different things.

I totally understand the feeling of wanting to combine other services’s perks with those of Mondo, but given that those perks are intended to reward loyalty to a specific service and that Mondo is not a card “syncing” service like Curve, I don’t think it’s likely to happen :frowning:

(James Billingham) #7

Actually you can do this already :slight_smile: Amex do accept Mondo for paying off your credit card/charge card balance.

(Mike Griffiths) #8

Amex provides its users with rewards funded by the high fees charged to retailers and service providers. One of the results of this is that many such do not accept the card - limiting it’s use to high margin purchases.

I would want Mondo to maintain a very low commercial barrier so that is eagerly accepted around the world and in concert offers me the best possible deal as a user - zero foreign exchange costs being a major plus that I hope they retain.

(christabella76) #9

Hi James, I have tried doing this and it doesn’t work have you actually tried it? I thought it might be something to do with the the billing postcode, I’ve had a few online transactions fail for me using mondo, usually to do with the postcode not matching…

(James Billingham) #10

Yes, I do pay off my Amex every month with Mondo. Perhaps you should get in touch with Mondo’s support re: your billing address.