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Just started my switch. Happy to feedback.


Hi. My switch to Monzo failed. The reason being was that I had changed my name on my Monzo account but not got around to doing so on my current account due to working 12hr shifts. Not Monzo’s fault. However, it may be useful for advisors to inform customers who request a change of name that they may wish to hold off if they are planning to switch. I’m now having to go through and set up my direct debits and then I can close my current account. My fault for not thinking things through but thought I’d give people a heads up.

(Peter G) #270

Could you change your name with your old bank and try again? Or is that a world of pain?

Thinking more broadly, it strikes me that things like changing your name are good candidates for Local to automate to reduce the cost / load on support folk. I could see your suggestion being part of an automated flow somewhere in the app…


Hi. It’s a pain. I work 12hr shifts. Also as my name change is from male to female then gets embarrassing. Then I have to wait for it to go to head office and get processed. Last time with another bank they sent it in non secure post and it got lost so unwilling to chance it. With Monzo I just want on chat and sent them a copy. New card in 3 days. Sorted. Most banks are set up for name changes from marriages. Most don’t have a clue about those with gender dysphoria. I am not ashamed of who I am. I just find the whole process stressful and embarrassing.

(Peter G) #272

Oh crikey, I absolutely get why you wouldn’t want to go through all of that. And I’m really sorry I brought it up, particularly if you felt that you had to explain why.

On the plus side, hopefully there will soon be a whole bunch of organisations like Monzo who make things better and remove stress - particularly around the basics, like names, that most of us take for granted. :+1::raised_hands:


Hi. No need for the apology. One of the reasons for me switching to them!

(Peter Shillito) #274

Hi Megan. I feel your pain. I had to explain to my old banks that I wished to be non-binary in their system (mainly have my title changed to Mx). Halifax told me they could do it, made me send some forms off, spoke to people in the branch a few times, then eventually they said they wouldn’t do it. I closed my account with them. NatWest, on the other hand, said that their top-level system couldn’t do it, but that just changes the title automatically on several other systems, so the cashier then went through numerous different systems and did their best to make sure every instance of my old title was changed on various systems manually (they missed one but that was fixed straight away when I next went in). It’s funny how different banks can be with this.

I’m super glad you got everything sorted with Monzo.

(Rika Raybould) #275

I love our processes for name changes here. A friend and I had a hand in making sure that they were as painless and inclusive as legally possible. :hot_coral_heart:

Meanwhile at some banks…


I switched over a month ago, but still have notifications within the app suggesting I switch it asking me to add my salary. Shouldn’t these disappear after switching in?

(Jorge) #277

As far as I know they were doing some A/B testing with that message to encourage people to switch monzo using CASS, but they are aware that some users who have gone #FullMonzo are still getting the message!