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Hi guys, as you can see in my pic below I have a few ifttt action going on for everytime I spend money, I am well aware of these and while I like to see it detailed I think I’d like the option to swipe left to achieve the entry,

I’d still like it detailed in my full transaction list but I don’t really need to see it sitting in my transaction list for all eternity… Hope that makes sense… :slight_smile:


I have a similar issue but that’s due to lots of automation I have to reward myself for ticking off items from my to-do list so I have loads of £1 transactions. I’d basically like to be able to filter these out of my feed by default, or be able to group them all

I’d maybe settle for some level of grouping for this sort of thing but I really, really don’t want my bank allowing me to hide things. That just makes me twitchy.

I realise I wouldn’t have to use any such facility but I want a guaranteed 100% accurate transaction list that makes sense with respect to the daily totals at the top of the screen. That’s the number 1, basic task of my banking app and anything that could compromise that I am automatically against, I’m afraid.

Maybe there’s some subtlety that I missing here?

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I meant a filter over the feed, not actually changing it. I’d prefer grouping though as otherwise the balance wouldn’t match

It would definietly make sense for IFTTT pot transfers which are initiated from an incoming or outgoing transfer to be grouped with that transfer.

When you said swipe left I thought you meant to get back to the previous screen instead of having to press the arrow in the top left corner.

Now that I’d like to see - would make it so much easer to browse through transactions and in and out of pots :sunglasses:

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Why don’t you transfer monthly instead of every tine you spend?