Support for Cryptocurrencies

No, I mean they should cover the limits, like FPS being upwards of 250k for each transaction, these figures are available if you search Google anyway but if they’re going to update their T&Cs or publish a post, it won’t harm them to put it there.

and those limits are for traceable amounts from bank to bank , as far as Im aware of the dark arts of crypto it isn’t traceable from person to person ?

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For Bitcoin, it’s estimated that:

20% is in lost or locked wallets
20% has been stolen
Of the other 60%, the 6 largest wallets control the price

27% of millennials have some exposure, dropping to 3% among the over-55s

FCA needs to get the public to understand that they monitor AML for crypto firms, but still have no control over crypto itself

Like this chap here:

Most cryptocurrencies you can trace the transactions for.

For example you can trace the entire history of any Bitcoin wallet or Ethereum wallet, can see how much BTC they sent, when they sent it and where they sent it.

For example someone just now sent 0.05 ETH (roughly $61 right now) and paid 0.001 ETH (roughly $1.30) to do so: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Unfortunately that’s not strictly true - HMRC in UK treat any kind of conversion from one crypto to another as a ‘disposal’ which is a taxable event.

It gets pretty complicated, pretty quickly!

Just seen that someone posted the HMRC tax guidance on crypto another thread. It’s worth a read!