Suggestion: Contingency Pot

We have a pot that we keep in the account with £200 in it. If the amount gets low, we pull some money out of it to keep us afloat until payday (my wife is self employed do gets paid irregularly). It would be awesome if we could setup a pot so that if a payment came out that would be declined due to lack of funds, it would instead come out of the contingency pot automatically

This has been suggested before. The person working on it called it ‘Anti Overdraft’

You can read about and vote for it here:

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I saw someone call it a “faux-verdraft” before.

Brilliant name!


That thread seems to focus on Salary Sweep-up, or am I missing something?

Love the Anti-overdraft name! Thanks for pointing it out

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This idea has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

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It’s for both :slight_smile: if you read the initial post and look at the screenshot the person has built both and is building a marketplace of things like this.

You’re right though the discussion does tend to lean towards salary sweep up rather than the marketplace or anti-overdraft.

Thanks for flagging that! I’ve closed this thread as it looks like a duplicate, but do vote over there if you want an overdraft pot/contingency pot to become a thing!