Subscriptions review

And you get?!

Not a lot, apparently.


Have any of you considered writing your number on a toilet door?


Funny enough years back I kept getting calls and texts and turns out someone had written a random number on the back of a door in a bar in Aberdeen and it was mine!

So I can confirm this will attract attention.


I had problems with Smol’s detergent where my cats seemed to be allergic to it. About a week or two after we tried it both cats began scratching/chewing their fur and had excema-like issues.

Switched back to Ecover and it went away.


If you renew in the last week of the year, it’s £48.

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I’m debating whether to go for Duolingo Plus or a Babbel subscription. I got halfway through the language content on Babble and found it more useful than Duolingo, but I worry how much more it has to offer… on the other hand, Duolingo is free.

Duolingo offered me a half-price renewal last week but I’ve let it expire. I’ve really gone off the whole ‘gamification’ of it and the computer-generated sentence construction.

I’m trialling Babbel at the moment and finding it more suitable for my learning style.


It is £48, I don’t know where I got £60 from

They are doing 50% off on the yearly subscription. I had it for a year but didn’t renew it but tempted to get it again for a year on half price simply because it’s 50% off. I’ve only watched Yellowstone, or started it more like. Anyone else culling paramount or taking it again this year?

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£34.95 is a great deal, granted, but if turns out nothing worth watching, over other subs I have, would still be a waste of money :man_shrugging:

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Virgin Media - £90/month
Joint cost with wife - TV inc Netflix Premium, Sky Sports, Internet and an unlimited SIM for me with O2.
We did have Sky but had too many issues with our communal dish so opted for Virgin. Not had any issues at all.

Apple One - £36.95/month
Getting expensive, but considering the individual prices for iCloud storage, TV+ and Music that we use it isn’t that bad. My mum is also on my family account.

Citymapper - £19.99/year
Bit of a trial this year. Gets me live activities on my phone which is a useful luxury. Also it’s one of my most used apps so feel good keeping them going. Might review in April when sub is up.

Applecare - £90/year for my MacBook Pro
Used AppleCare enough over the years to see the value especially with how expensive repairs are.

Adobe Creative Cloud - £16.24/month
Still get a student discount through work, so is pretty cheap for all the apps.

YouTube Premium
Very cheap sub for ad-free watching with a hack.

Strava - £55/year
Love my data. Might review when it renews.

Amazon - £40/year
Student discount and share it with my parents in return for sharing their Microsoft 365


Dropbox - £9.99/month
Set up to request photos and videos from guests at our wedding. Will cancel once we get them all back.


Almost worth it for Yellowjackets alone. Thankfully there’s other shows worth watching, too. Minx, Your Honour, Bargain…

If I didn’t already have access to Paramount+ I’d be very tempted.


Ink and printers used to be a constant source of frustration for me. I was constantly buying new ink and no mater how much of it the printer was flushing through it I always seemed to have problems printing.

I also am an infrequent printer and have now found my solution. A Black and White Laser Jet Printer for less that £100 which prints first time everytime. Ink costs £15 per refill and lasts 1000 pages lasting me years.


Agreed with the Laser Jet printer - love my Brother printer, especially as I got it for free, “as it wasn’t working” which it just needed resetting a few times and it’s worked fine since, I do not print a lot, but it is nice to know I don’t need to refill ink as it dries up due to non use. Gramted it is only turned on when I need to print as the standby fan is loud af


I’m not sure if this is the right thread, but Prime just told me that unless I want to pay an additional £35 a year I get to get adverts. I’ll say I’ll cancel but probably I won’t, but it is annoying.


I can’t even get prime video to work, it keeps asking me to start a 30 day trial, even though I am an ‘Adult’ on my parents amazon household

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Yeah i’ve got the email this morning as well! They should have made it ad free for yearly subscriptions or something like this but they’ve gone down the route of charging everyone for it to be ad-free. Personally I am going to take stock of how much prime i use this year and decide if i want to renew it next year

The shows on prime are okay but the UI needs so much work to come close to Netflix and Disney+ leaves little to be desired

Yup, same email. Slightly miffed they feel it’s ok to move the goalposts on an annual contract mid-term, but it is what it is.

I’m signed up till July, so get to experience a few months of this ad stuff and see whether I want to renew it then.

I guess - it’s adverts for other Prime stuff? Or is it adverts for shampoo, and absolute nonsense products?