Subscriptions review

An RSPCA subscriber


You pay for Clearscore :man_shrugging:


Totally forgot I have Proton subscription but I thinks it multiple years and legacy account.

Just checked and renewal of $79 in 15 Nov 2025 :sweat_smile:

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Don’t think I have too many subscriptions myself. Off the top of my head:

  1. Spotify / £11 per month - definitely keeping this as the family find it essential for making the smart speakers useful. I may have to investigate the method mentioned above for saving money on it, though.

  2. Perky Blenders / £45 every six weeks - have a good deal on beans through the post thanks to a legacy discount code still being valid, so will be keeping this. I did slip back in 2023 and start buying take-out coffee again instead of brewing my own in a flask, so that’s where I’ll be trying to do better again in 2024. In a nutshell, keep the subscription and stop buying coffee from McDonalds/Greggs/etc

  3. Letterboxd / £9 a year - worth it for the extended stats, and it’s locked to a billy bargain of a price from several Black Fridays ago, so will be keeping this one. Possibly the cheapest, and therefore best value, subscription I have.

  4. Amazon Prime / £95 :nauseated_face: - renewed this last year because I’d already saved most of the money up in a pot, but next time it comes up for renewal I might have to cut it. I’m not making enough use of Prime video, and I’m not sure I buy enough stuff now I’m saving money on delivery charges. Relatedly:

  5. Mubi (through Prime) / £10 per month - I need to cancel this because I only signed on with an offer first to watch a couple of specific films. Then I kept forgetting to cancel it and my stupid brain goes “Well now you have to watch X more films to get the value from it before cancelling” when I really should admit I don’t have the time to watch that many and just cut my losses. (A very similar thing happened with Showtime a couple of years back, I’m dumb.)

  6. All 4 / £3.99 per month - (I know, they don’t call it that any more). Keeping; reasonable price and I watch enough Channel 4 programmes that the value I get from fewer ads is more than worth it. I watch a lot of the Walter Presents shows which aren’t actually on any of the broadcast channels, so cancelling and recording off the telly isn’t an option for everything.

  7. Papyrus and 8. SANE / £decline to disclose in this case, sorry, but paid monthly - small sums to charity every month. I’ll be keeping them (and would probably add to them if I could).

  8. Fitbit Premium / no payment made yet - currently on a trial which came with my watch, will likely cancel before the actual billing period starts (have a reminder in my calendar to do so).

  9. [House Alarm] / £decline to disclose, paid yearly - bit of a frustrating one, have a house alarm which is installed and works perfectly fine, but they changed the app for remote accessfrom free to subscription at some point. Managed a year without it but cracked earlier this year. Will probably keep it because it is useful, but not entirely happy about it.

I think that’s everything. Remarkably little I’d cut, but it would appear that (Prime bolt-ons aside) I’m remarkably resistant to signing up for subscriptions in the first place and due plenty of due diligence first. Used to have a bacon through the post subscription, cancelled that because the bacon wasn’t worth the premium and didn’t keep long enough in the fridge; had a couple of loot crate type subscriptions a few years ago, cancelled those because I realised I didn’t need more random tat (but I still use various bits I received from them, tshirts and mugs); and software-wise generally avoid subscription models and stick to one-time payment versions where I can - even if it does leave me behind.

If I add any subscriptions this year, it will have to be because I’ve been offered a free trial and will have every intention of cancelling before the trial period is over. For example, if the chance is there are the right time, may get a three-month Apple trial so I can watch Slow Horses.


My list seems to be longer than most.

Day One will be going from tomorrow as I switched to Everlog, which was a one off £20 payment.

Halifax Share Dealing is also out in favour of Freetrade (which also may go soonish).

TV+ will probably be ditched by Feb once I’ve got through various shows. The quality has been high, but there’s not enough there to pay every month and watching week to week is for suckers! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Proton Pass is only there as I wanted to lock in the cheap sub but I have no plans to move from 1Password so may go too before long.

Google and  both take the piss with the lack of intermediate storage options between 200GB and 2TB.

@N26throwaway I’m paying 99p a month for 15 pages, maybe it’s no longer available? :man_shrugging:


Great thread!

I started a bit of a cull / review earlier in December; key things I’ve gotten rid of;

  • Laka cycling insurance - not cycling enough to pay an extra £10 per month.
  • Emma Pro - £9 - had it for a bit to review all my subscriptions in one place - but no longer need.
  • SMARTY 2nd Sim / Laptop Sim - ~£15 - no longer need and when I do I can tether instead.
  • All 4 and Disney Plus - £4 and maybe £10 - will be cancelling after NY.

Under review;

  • Private health insurance - used to be a work perk but no longer - £150 - need to decide what to do.
  • Various streaming platforms - Netflix, Apple Music, Apple TV, Spotify, a couple of other TV services. Going to down to 1 TV and 1 music.
  • Amazon Prime.
  • Apple One generally - £35 - definitely paying for bits I don’t need but not sure hte optimum amount.
  • Various back up services - Backblaze for PC backups, Synology for NAS back up. - maybe £20 a month combined.

And then a few odds and sods of apps that I probably have annual charges for that will be going.


And here’s the problem. There’s a full thread about how to alert Monzo users to possible fraud with an app feature.

Meanwhile people are paying for a magic number. Mine is 945.

There’s only so much help you can give.


Just an FYI on the Times, I pay £6.50 a month for the Sunday Times paper subscription but also get unlimited online access (7 days a week incl e-paper) - a right steal imo and might be worth giving them a call :smile:


Bloody hell the last time I was on Grindr it was 79p a month for the premium version!


My subscription list is very short:

Spotify family £17.99 a month - had Spotify since I started going to college in 2011, really like it. Went to family as I got a rent discount when I was living with my parents.

Revolut meta £15l: Worth it for the tinder gold sub

House alarm: Phone app access is paid for by my alarm installer, hopefully indefinitely, but if not it’ll cost me £20 a year (I think)

Domain: £10 a year, no website, used with cloudflare tunnel and a self hosted reverse proxy

Google drive 200gb: £25 yearly

iCloud 200gb - £2.99 a month

IPTV: £65 a year (sky sports, American TV, etc) I don’t really use it, but my parents do

LycaMobile £10 a month (can vary), fast data access pretty much everywhere

Smol: £6 (ish) every 24 weeks

Duolingo plus: £60 a year

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Seen some for Smol in this thread. I had problems when they changed their packaging (arthritic hands) so switch over to Splosh.


Mine is fairly small too

  1. Spotify Family - £17.99/month
  2. iCloud Family - £7.99/month
  3. 1Password Family - £6.99/month
  4. ChatGPT - £19.99/month
  5. Monzo Plus - £5/month


  1. Disney+ - £89 per year
  2. Amazon Prime - £95 per year
  3. Economists Podcasts+ - £45 per year

Note I do not really use Monzo budget functions. From Monzo plus I only use connected accounts - only to discover that it has bogus transaction dates for NatWest, and that free Zopa app has way more connections and seems to work more reliable. UI is not as sleek but will do to save £60. Good bye Monzo plus.

Current prices :sweat_smile:

The one week price is just predatory. What’s unlimited?

cries in Tinder

This is why the revolute metal was such a good idea. I did cancel it to see what would happen and I kept tinder gold for the year

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Appears to be Xtra plus incognito mode, translation and unsending messages, I just downloaded it to check and:

Or, very shockingly, £9.99 per day for daily access.

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That is daylight robbery! :scream: they’re making these dating apps so expensive. At least there’s no £499 a month tier yet unlike on Tinder!

Also, unlimited profiles? I remember when the app was still completely free…


There’s not is there?

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I’ve seen the headlines – looking into it, it appears to be invite-only if you want the privilege to fork out $499 a month. The USD-GBP conversion fortunately doesn’t appear to be 1-1

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