Student Ambassadors

(Khalid) #1

Hello, my name is Khalid! I’m currently a student at LSE and would be extremely interested in becoming a student ambassador for Mondo for the upcoming academic year 2016/17.
I will be entering my final year with an extremely broad social network at LSE which I have developed in the past two years. How do I follow-up on becoming an ambassador?

Thank you!

(Bailey Kursar) #2

Hi Khalid! There’ll be much more on this next week, so great timing!

I’ve just started a Students category, too, for these types of questions :grinning:

If you email me at I’ll make sure you’re up to date with what we’re doing…

(Josh Davies) #3

Hey @bailey,

I was asking about this and told to email - I’m not sure if the email works? Does the one you posted above still work? I emailed that also, was worrying your emails had now changed from mondo to monzo perhaps?


(Josh Bray) #4

Hi Josh,

Bailey’s email will still work as there’s probably redirects in place from "" to ""
Just drop her an email and she’ll get back to you.

(Josh Davies) #5

Hey, I did email a tonne of addresses and nobody ever got back to me! Ive Finally Invested now so I am even more keen to be involved.

(Rika Raybould) #6

Interestingly, I haven’t heard anything relating to the student ambassadors for a while and the student category here is mostly dead and in Misc. Maybe @Zainab can give us an update?

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(James Billingham) #7

Yeah also I’m pretty sure Bailey is no longer at Monzo.

(Zainab Khan) #8

@JoshD Hey Josh! Sorry you never heard back from us.

We currently have stopped the student ambassador programme but we’re looking at new ways to get students involved – as soon as we have an update, we will surely share it :slight_smile:

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