Mondo for Students?


So a friend I invited registered in Mondo with her university email and now she got an email about Mondo for students. Since I’m using my personal email I didn’t get anything. So my question is, what is mondo for students and is there away of people with personal emails still confirm they are students?

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(Adam) #2

Email was:

(Bailey Kursar) #3

Hi both! Thanks for your questions - I sent the email :wave:

To be clear, we don’t have a different app for students, it’s all the same thing! :slight_smile:

Where this has come from is that we have some passionate advocates of Mondo already on some campuses and we’re trying to figure out if we should spend more time talking to students and refining the product for their needs.

I’m hoping this week long experiment will give us a steer on which unis we should head to first.

Any questions - let me know :grinning:

(Adam) #4

@bailey, I understood what was trying to be done however, as like @dannoutt, I too am a University student and did not receive this email as I signed up with my personal email address and not my address. I believe that many of the existing students who have :mondo: would have used their person address instead of their address (I’ve never actually used my address for anything important).
I guess it is too late now to try to discover who are students without either spamming everyone with a mass email asking or only a small proportion seeing post you make online.

In terms of which Uni you should go to first, I’d say City University :wink: :wave: and its just up the road from you

(Harry Rushworth) #5

I’m at Bath Uni, signed up with a personal email though in case my uni emails expire when I finish my degree. I’m aware of a handful of other people here with the app. :slight_smile:

(Bailey Kursar) #6

This is great to hear! If you have any suggestions on how I might find out the students who are using their personal email addresses, I’d love to hear them. I’m sure there’s a way without spamming people… :slight_smile:

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(Josh Bray) #7

I am a student but not a full time one. But I’m not sure my work would like me promoting another bank haha :joy:


@bailey, maybe you guys could just a banner on the bottom or top of the screen asking if the user is as student. When we press it we could select yes or no and if we press no then the banner goes away. If we press yes you could pop up a form to add our uni email address to the system?

A banner would not be very intrusive since users can just ignore it until they have time :blush:

(Chris Black) #9

Mondo isn’t a “real bank” yet :smirk::smirk:, so should be no probs. :joy::nail_care:t4:

(Muyiwa Olu) #10

I’m a student too, I signed up with my personal email address. I don’t think there’s an easy way to automatically find out, bar email address.

The best way, imo, is just to have a little tick box saying: Are you a student? Interested in spreading the word around campus?!, and if they say they are then can then enter their corresponding address.

Also, note as student emails usually last for the duration of their course, when you detect a student email, you should probably send an email around two years from registration reminding them to switch emails so they can still access their accounts. :smiley:

(Josh Bray) #11

That is true but they still know about them and are considered as a competitor

(Charlie) #12

I’m also a student and would love to be involved with any initiatives you’re looking to run in Oxford! :grinning:

(Rob Dunn) #13

Hi, I’m a student at Exeter Uni, Mondo is being used by a few of us currently but is definitely something that could go much bigger on the campus. Would love to get involved

(Harry Barnes) #14

Yeah I’m at Exeter uni too, I signed up because a friend told me about it and now there are quite a few of us using Mondo.

I too signed up with my personal email so I didn’t get the mondo students email - it’s never a good idea to sign up for anything remotely important with a uni email since it will expire when you leave, so I reckon you probably have a lot more students using the app than you realise.

As for detecting who is a student, just put a tick box in the sign up process saying “are you a student?” and if they tick it then ask them for their uni email.

(Bailey Kursar) #15

It’s so interesting to hear that you’re all at uni! And I wouldn’t have known any other way :smile: I suppose I could email/talk to app users within a certain age range (imperfect but a start!)

@harry /@robjamesdunn - how many Exeter students have/want Mondo, roughly? Would love to do a trip to the coast!

@charlie - same question, Oxford isn’t high on the list for addresses but I might be missing a big part of the picture?

@muyiwa - whereabouts are you?

You’re all making me feel like there’s lots more we can do on this stuff! Maybe we should try and have a workshop in our London office or over hangouts?

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(Muyiwa Olu) #16

@bailey I’m at Hull University.

(Charlie) #17

Hey @bailey! There’s certainly a few of us using :mondo: here, but I think using the email address isn’t the best way to capture this information.

I’ve personally never registered for anything important or non-research related on my address, and I would think that’s probably true for most of us here. Saying that, with my current bank I had the option of adding a work/university email address during the registration process, which I think worked quite well.


I’m at Surrey University, how do I check the leaderboards?

(Charlie) #19

Does anyone remember the Dropbox Space Race (more information here), where universities competed to get the most Dropbox referrals in return for extra space?

I think something similar to this (say, a Mondonaut Marathon) could be an awesome way to promote :mondo: across universities, whilst incentivising students to make referrals!

(Harry Barnes) #20

I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to guess how many Exeter students have or want Mondo. I don’t think many students know about Mondo yet, but everyone I’ve spoken to about it has thought it’s really cool.

Currently, Santander has the most students signed up, followed by Natwest. This is because they both have branches on campus here which gives them a lot of visibility. Santander also gives students a four year railcard for free if they sign up for an account, which is a good incentive for most people.

At the beginning of the year in freshers week (11th - 19th September) there is a Freshers fair where lots of brands come and set up stalls and then market themselves to all the new students (usually involving them giving out a load of free stuff/holding prize draws/having a cool activity to do e.g photo booth), and that’s where Santander and Natwest get loads of the students to sign up for accounts. If you wanted to spread the word about Mondo to as many people as possible, that would be the event to come to. Bear in mind that there are lots of stalls there so you need to have a cool spin on your stall to make it stand out and excite people.

Having custom features in the app tailored to students/specific campuses would certainly set you apart from the bigger banks that aren’t able to adapt their software as easily. For example, I like how it’s so easy to pay my friends back on Mondo without needing their account number or anything (it’s probably not a good idea for you to focus on this feature however because you’ll get into a war with Tilt, who are VERY intent on monopolising all money transfers between students - they employ a ridiculous amount of student ambassadors on campus already)