Starling Feedback

Recently got a Starling account out of pure curiosity.

Anyone whos had one for longer care to do a comparison of features with monzo as it stands currently?


I’m sure there are things that #fullmonzo users will be able to quote, such as automatic round up facility, but as a Starling user…

  • Fee-free foreign withdrawals with no cap (other than your usual £300/day ATM limit)
  • Interest on positive balances of 0.5% AER on the first £2,000, then 0.25% on everything else up to £85,000. This includes money reserved in Goals too.
  • Overdraft interest rate of 15% EAR. This takes into account any money in Goals, e.g. you have £500 in a holiday Goal and you go £250 overdrawn, there are no fees to pay as you are technically still £250 in credit.
  • Much better app, nicer layout and menu navigation, overall a really good UI.

These are some of the main differentiators for me. I appreciate other people will have different priorities :+1:t2:


A faster & more reliable app. Better API. More granular card controls. Better payee management.


Weirdly my app seems to take ages to load, is that just me? :thinking:

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Partial account switches.

Mine takes about 5 seconds including Face ID (which is mandatory and I hate that fact).

But open the app is always smooth where as Monzo lags every so often.

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Think that’s similar to mine then. Must be imagining it!

I do wish Starling would load the address/map for transactions by default, rather than me having to tap the button to load it.


Have they changed this very recently? It previously loaded the map behind, no button pushing needed.

It’s been like that for a couple of months.

There was some BS about them making improvements to the entire screen which of course haven’t materialised.

More to do with the Google Maps API fees IMO


I always have to press Show Address :man_shrugging:t2:

I did wonder if that might be something to do with it

I think it must have been after August as I swapped my monthly spend to Monzo and left Starling with goals. I bet they did it for cost saving since Google started charging.

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Google have charged for Maps API calls for many years when it comes to commercial usage.

Would be good to see them include a free month of maps data with every international card replacement :smiley:


Who charges to deposit cash?

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Not sure if you saw this:

That’s incredibly disappointing.


I’d rather pay a quid to deposit cash than not be able to pay it in at all, al la Starling and their false promises of Post Office deposits. Which when it does rolled out sometime never may also have a fee attached to it.

Before you say it, I don’t have access to a NatWest branch.

The fact that Monzo are rolling out Cash Deposits in advance of Starling after all the discussions about it is just embarrassing.

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Is it though?

If you’ll happily pay £1 per cash deposit then be my guest but I’ll continue to make my free deposits with Starling and my legacy bank.

If Starling charge for the post office service then i’ll continue to do what I’m doing and ignore the feature (Monzo and Starling)