Starling Feedback

(Ashley) #4275

Thanks, from someone who started here in December 16, even then the intrigue into what Starling was doing was mystical.

(Daniel White) #4276

Absolutely yes.


According to who? This thread is about what the posters make it about, surely?

(MikeF) #4278

No, that point has already been made quite firmly this week by staff.

This is supposed to be about the product not the community with the possibility of non product posts being removed. Mind you, that was when there was a Starling community…

(Eve) #4279

It’s not really feedback about the app itself anymore, so perhaps discussion could be moved to a new post. I think the amount of posts on this news is substantial enough to merit its own topic

(Simon B) #4280

Just a friendly reminder that everyone with an interest in fintech is welcome here :hot_coral_heart:

We definitely don’t want anyone to feel unwelcome and I know that our mods and Coral Crew can help ensure that this is a place for everyone. If someone has a preference for another product/service that’s absolutely fine with us - we use it as a learning opportunity to see what we might not be addressing, and maybe in the future we’ll offer features that will make them want to use our service, and maybe not!

Ultimately, support of the fintech scene helps everyone.

With that said, we have a Code of Conduct that we do need everybody to adhere to. And if you’re only here because another platform has been shuttered, and you aren’t interested in being a part of the community and the overall discussion, then we would ask you to re-evaluate.

You don’t have to be the Number 1 fan of the Monzo service or the Monzo community to be a part of our forum, but ideally you should be here because you actively want to contribute and be part of our community, and not just because you are in the daily habit of a posting on a forum and another one happened to shut down, and you actually have very little interest in what we do.

If we feel that people are only here to cause trouble, then we’ll need to step in, and I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen.

I’m sure it’s been a shocking day for those of you that were part of the community over there, and I just wanted to let you know that you’re all welcome here :grinning:


Agreed, the community closure could warrant its own thread. Other such events / discussions have taken place and been removed, not moved to a new thread though, which isn’t ideal.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #4282

Basically don’t be a dick :joy_cat:

Coz that’s my job :sunglasses:


So what, a new topic is needed for the other discussions? The original post says to discuss Starling and their services, of which the community was until very recently one of.

(MikeF) #4284

:smile:No point arguing with me, it is what it is.

(Eve) #4285

I was thinking of you when he said this :heartbeat:

are only here to cause trouble

(Tom ) #4286

Yeah we’ve got enough of our own


Not arguing with you at all, just discussing the matter. At this point, based on what I’ve seen happen to this thread, I dread to see @cookywook turn up, which shouldn’t really be the case.

(Simon B) #4288

We’ll keep all the discussion here for now, ultimately this will be a hot topic of discussion for a few days and then there won’t be much that hasn’t already been said, and it’ll return to general discussion about their app/features etc.

I suspect there’ll be a great deal more activity on this thread over the weekend, so we can re-evaluate if necessary over time, but right now having multiple threads doesn’t feel like the right move, IMHO.


That’s great, just hope it doesn’t end up butchered again once discussion dies down.

(Simon B) #4290



The hero we deserve but not the one we need right now? :grin:


Great Post Simon :slight_smile: - The warm welcome that everybody has come to respect Monzo for.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #4293

OMG this is gonna be just like the late great Apple Pay Thread (RIP :crying_cat_face:)