Starling Feedback

Agreed. :smile: (though I’ll note that, rather ironically, I think that the issues are listened to more here than over there.)

Apart from me not being able to post anymore :sleepy:


I wanted to go play on Starling’s forum, but I didn’t want to connect a social media account, let alone my bank account, so they lost me as a contributor.

Personal woe aside, the issue is that Starling are likely to have an ever dwindling number of contributors. I’ve mentioned before that communities are not for every organisation - probably best to just kill it than face a slow death imo.


The real irony will be if the criticism/‘negativity’ continues (why wouldn’t it, I’ve still yet to see a response to any of the previous questions or issues), as with a smaller community it will be even more ‘overwhelming’ and nobody can claim it is mindless trolling from non-customers.

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Not if, WHEN

Sadly for their customers they don’t answer the questions that actually need answering and therefore the negativity won’t stop

One of the things I like about Monzo forums is that I can discuss a much wider range of topics about fintech in general. I don’t need to discuss Monzo because it works the way I want/need it to.

However at Starling for example, any discussion of the competition is limited to one thread which means anything interesting get’s diluted and displaced very quickly.


I really like how many different topics there are on here, previously there was quite a lot of unhappiness so I avoided commenting on threads that had been commented on by other regulars or CC, in case it seemed like a “pile on” or “shutting down” of opinions. Which was perfectly fine, there were a ton of other topics and threads to discuss things that weren’t related to Monzo without upsetting anyone :sparkles:
P.s. I really like the gif, meme, and (shameless plug) pet threads.


This is actually what I want from the forum, and it’s why I’ve been spearheading getting other fintech companies to come and do Q&As and things like that!

Awareness of fintech in general helps all of us. And with Open Banking, lots of companies are going to be used in combination with Monzo whether it’s something we’ve been directly involved with, or not! We have a really great community here, so, I think it makes sense.


Whatever you can say about the CC, and moderation here (which I’m told is worse but I’ve yet to see it, so I reserve opinion, I can’t say I have ever seen direct censorship. It can feel like people (sometimes CC) are defending things for the sake of it, but logically the CC are passionate about the product or they wouldn’t be in their positions.

I do think both forums are moderated more heavily than necessary; we’re all adults, surely we can disagree without being moderated or censored. You have your views, and that’s fine, I have mine. I think people today are too quick to jump on any criticism or disagreement as a personal attack; it’s not, at least from me, we can be opposite ends on the spectrum on something and remain friendly.


I wish I could say how I really felt about this comment but alas due the SJW’s I can’t so I will just have to give you a like.

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Say it how it is brother, you’re not going to hurt me - that’s for sure. :wink:

If I did I’d get banned :joy_cat:

I think the reason for this on both platforms is that it is after all something associated with Monzo and Starling and they don’t want to be seen allowing any sort of intolerance or something potentially damaging to their image to be left up, even if it is not something their staff have posted on themselves. It could definitely be twisted eg an extreme example “xx company allows pro-Nazi gifs to be left online” or “xx company embroiled in xx controversy over their online forum”. Freedom of speech doesn’t quite protect you against hate speech or defamation so there is a place for all sorts of ideological discussions, but probably isn’t here.


Plus, I don’t wanna have to read through a thread of which half has devolved into an argument going in circles, or an argument that has started to include pointless attacks that are personal/ sustained. It’s a forum for a bank at the end of the day.


Only 3 days after deleting the entire thread about Loans it seems the feedback about loans has fallen on deaf ears. (Also the reason I deleted my account over there)

From my perspective pushing loan advertising automatically for transactions over £500 is like Yahoo scanning your email to provide “relevant advertising.”

I hope Monzo don’t do anything like this


This isn’t responsible in my view. Any bank that does this to me is out as far as I am concerned. I’ve just said as much over on their forum.


I’m not sure how Monzo will do it. Monzo’s was spread the cost rather than a loan so it’s designed to spread the cost for large transactions, in which case they might do a similar notification after large purchase. Not sure if this is still the case. Wouldn’t want it on the feed though, think it’s irresponsible


I’m happy for banks to provide these services. If that stuff makes them money so they can keep providing free banking and make a profit then we all win. But it has to be advertised responsibly


What’s the difference between spread the cost and a loan? Are Monzo not giving you credit in return for paying interest?

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I think the difference is that spread the cost happens after the transaction, so it’s like you already bought it and Monzo just makes it easier for you, vs. your transaction declined and you clearly can’t afford this but we want you to get a loan anyway.

Honestly I’m fine with both approaches (I seem to be able to manage debt just fine despite being completely irresponsible with finances) but I can see the Starling approach upsetting some people.

For clarity - The decline had nothing to do with it.

The loan was offered after the successful purchase of an item of £500 or more (the decline was irrelevant here).

Not a fan personally - Waiting on examples of where this could benefit someone…