The Official Meme Thread

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This one should be fun.

Rule 1: Every post must contain a meme.
Rule 2 : Please ensure you adhere to Rule 1.

Aside from that, standard rules apply - post something offensive, you’ll get warned/banned.

This one is for my fellow Brummies and Midlands folk :joy:

Starling Feedback

A merge of my two favourite memes

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:100: actuate in my household.

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I’m currently in Luxembourg camping out on this thread waiting for fresh memes. Monzo community you can do better. Send me the humour!!


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Thanks for reminding me :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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I have done this also :joy:


Your new FinTech bank blocked your money - Better Call Saul

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It’s been over 20 degrees for a few days. Literally can’t cope :fire:

(Eve) #16

After living in the UK for years I still am not reaaally sure about the distinction between the UK, Britain, Great Britain, England/ which locations are included. And why can’t web drop down lists just pick one name and stick with it? Do I scroll to B, G, E, or U??



This vid explains it well :smiley: I still have to refer to it sometimes :expressionless:

(#savetheseabass) #18

Don’t think he understood the Northern Irish thing properly :grin:

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