Starling Feedback

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Yep, the real winners will be both Monzo and Starling customers as each bank moves forward.

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If I am @alexs it’s probably because I’m excited to be part of that albeit late-to-the-party community. I suspect both Monzo and Starling will ultimately be the market leaders for some time to come.


I’m waiting for the merger. Monling Bank.

And/or the creation of a ‘Monzo Feedback’ thread on their forum.

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and perhaps a monzo golden ticket thread on starlings forum ?


Starling went down this morning at the same time as Monzo, seemingly for the same reason. Seeing as they don’t use Wirecard, who are usually to blame, it’ll be interesting to see what the issue was.

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Revolut said it was their processor and all three share the same processor - GPS -

Monzo are planning to solve the issue by handling their processing for the current accounts though -

but as far as I know, Starling haven’t reported that they’re planning to do the same.

Daniel mentioned in the developer’s Slack channel that the accounts that they’re testing were still working fine this morning :heart_eyes:

Competitor Update 2

Excuse my ignorance of the process but I thought Wirecard were the processor? It would be handy to see a digram for the route transactions take through the various bodies :slight_smile:

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No worries, there’s a lot of confusion about this on social media etc. :slight_smile:

Starling Bank , the UK’s leading next-generation bank, has completed its first debit card payment having partnered with global payments and technology company, MasterCard, and card processor, GPS.

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Starling may want to up their Twitter game.


I think it’s hourly updates from :mondo: ?


Plus in app push notification from Monzo telling you to use a back up card and nothing at all from Starling in the app.

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Here’s the latest from the Starling community :grimacing:


Saw that. Little concerning with the problems there have been over the last few months. Hopefully Monzo’s in-house solution is more resilient.

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Well, the benefit of having an in-house solution is that we can get stuck in immediately and fix something if it goes wrong.

If there’s an error with a third party, we have to wait for them to fix it.


I got an SMS warning me of outage


Is Monzo not planning to use GPS, this article suggests you were in January , or is this a stopgap ?


Ok I missed the announcement after last GPS outage, I thought the announcement was about ditching wirecard long term


You’re spot on - following Starling on Twitter is quite frustrating. Flood of tweets, with little to no content, just adding to the noise. Monzo is handling Comms much much better.

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@Dunsford @Dimi both correct - Starling seem to have been poor in relation to Monzo in terms of communicating issues over last few days.

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Exactly, proactive communication versus nothing unless you were trying to use the card when it would have failed.

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Closed my account yesterday. Reason for doing so was that I couldn’t make it fit into my life, and I guess that’s the point of a friction-less product (I shouldn’t really have to try, just do).

Customer service were very quick to get back to me, and it was the early hours of the morning too. Only negative of the closing process was asking for expiry of my photo ID and they didn’t make it clear what ID this actually was i.e. driver’s licence or passport.

Needless to say I failed the question first time around, then got it :slight_smile: