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I found it quite an odd thing to watch. The answers were very short and sometimes felt like they cut her short. Her tone and gestures also seem a bit off - it just makes it seem like she never finished what she wanted to say

The music fading in and out so frequently for the short questions and answers was also an interesting choice…


This seemed to me like a classic case of a video being edited ‘for YouTube’. Hey all these bloggers do lots of quick cuts and fast snappy edits, we need to do that to connect with the YouTube audience! I don’t want to see a single frame between the end of her speaking and showing the next question. Super weird to watch I agree.


It’s really poorly edited and difficult to watch, the audio coming in whilst the transitions are still revealing Anne is irritating. The cutting away as she’s finishing, the crappy music.

The answers to the questions.

What’s going to happen after Brexit?

Brexit, oh dear. What a distraction, what a pain. But nothings going to stop us here at Starling.

Great that really cleared things up. :+1:

The whole thing is very Starling.


The marketplace integrations question had an odd answer too.

What can we look forward to?

“Everyday I get a new list, keep an eye on the blog.”

There were no actual firm answers to anything. Full of ‘hopefully’, ‘keep an eye on’, ‘we are working with’ and ‘in 2020’


I have said it above here before, but it is very Starling to be unable to admit that anything ever needed changing, anything ever went wrong or that anything will ever get in the way

Theres nothing to say about it. Its a non-issue.

Were we watching the same video? I get this is the Monzo forum, but come on… They specified 4 dates, 5 if you include ‘very soon’ which would be before the end of year. Two features in 2020, one by the end of 2019, one by 2020 Q1

  • Euro accounts for business ‘very soon’
  • spending summary based on pay dates, not until 2020
  • business accounts for non-directors, should be by end of the year
  • business credit cards, early next year, probably Q1
  • new market place integrations, keep an eye out on the blog for updates.
  • QuickBooks, there working with them on API, should be ready 2020
  • Brexit, not an issue
  • windows app, no. internet banking, soon.
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You’ve just proved the point I was making


Those are all very non-answers that I’d expect from a politician, not a bank

There’s no point in defending this video


What do you want? dates to the day? Thats not real life. Thats ridiculous.

They’ve said what’s happening and a rough timeframe, and apparently that’s a non answer? At least I hope you’d give the same response to Monzo if they did the same.

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They said credit cards would be out this summer. Cheque imaging was due for August

2020 is a non answer. Might as well just say sometime in the 21st century

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2020 is only 1 year, that’s not much time. If Monzo said 2020 for something id be happy knowing that timeframe. Development takes time, especially to get right.

True but Monzo aren’t exactly on ball with cheque imaging and stuff themselves. Coming soon is always a favourite :wink:

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They said they couldn’t deliver by that date and updated customers about it, have Starling?

I do tend to critique them for :soon:™ and also I’d like to think I’ve been most vocal about their Plus mess. So not a blind fan of either

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I don’t mind soon™ so long as it’s actually true. And I’m critical of monzo when they skirted around dropping features (cheque imaging) instead of just being open and honest about it’s actual status. My work does this too and it doesn’t foster a good relationship when you try to coat over things.

I also don’t mind dates in a year, if you think you can stick to them. Things take time to make, and you have to be realistic about timeframes.

That’s kinda my point, why bother.

Just had a chat with Starling and it turns out they haven’t made any consideration for offline payments for SCA like Monzo.

I was told I could make five contactless payments in the airport £30+£30+£30+£30+£15 and do another 45 taps of £30 on the plane. So like £1485 which is a bit over the 150 euro

It also turns out they may have read the spec wrong and which is why they read article 11 as

a and b or c

And have implemented both the (b) £135 limit and (c ) five taps.

And monzo as:

a and (b or c)

and picked b to do £100 online and £30 reserved for offline.

I’ve been told they’ll be in contact asap. :man_shrugging:


That sounds very um… non-compliant.

The idea is stop to someone who might have stolen your card to not be able to rack up hundreds of pounds worth of payments!


I am sure they will! You’ve really caught them on the hop there

Good spot