Starling Bank Discussion: Part 2

So not a blanket ban on transport; the text states you can’t use a virtual card for anything where you’d need a physical card to complete the transaction – that seems bleedingly obvious to me, and would also apply to Monzo, Revolut etc.


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Expecting a formal response from Starling Bank? To that tweet? No self-respecting business should ever address such a poorly veiled inflammatory tweet. And what about on here?

I don’t need cheap, school bully level personal attacks and honestly think you don’t really add to the discussion here other than increase the emoji count of the forum. Wouldn’t mind if the above would result in a timeout for you.

If you want to have a go at me at least come up with something remotely clever that I can quote on my profile kthxbye.




Given the strength of the language in a recent post, I’ve gone ahead and removed it.


I think that’s a definite yes. It’s like any addiction, a recovered alcoholic wouldn’t usually just have a glass of wine for example. Everyone is different but I think the general approach to recovery is usually cold Turkey.

I wonder if there could be other concerns too, like people using it to hide gambling transactions from their main feed (if it does that?).

As far as I know anything spent from pots shows as if spent from main balance on Starling statements.

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Two posts removed :eyes: I’m sad as it seems I missed something juicy :pensive:


It was just @j06 quoting it, no drama


Ohhh does it? I’ve never noticed! :joy:


Ah so it does. Though to be fair I’ve never read any of my statements on any bank/app as it’s all in the feed.

Revolut splits them off by Vault/Pocket which is probably better for someone like me if I did want to take a look.

I think monzo splits them out too?

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This didn’t happen for me a couple of months ago. They were not on the main account statement and didn’t show up via Open Banking, either.

I like Starling’s approach to the statements. At the end of the day, the account is just one entity; the Spaces are just proper subdivisions in my own app. No one else needs to see me slicing and dicing my own finances.

If Monzo split them apart to this extent, why not just assign account numbers to them?


I don’t know about Monzo Plus, but on the ‘free’ Monzo if you have bills to be paid out of pots, it seems to be that when the payment is due, the money is transferred back to your main account and shows up in your main feed.

So, in my ‘Bills’ pot all I see if money transferred in to cover the bills, and then in the feed of my main account I see 2 entries - one showing the transfer from the bill pot into the main account and then a second showing the actual payment.


Credit Card £25
Bills +25

Starling does keep the payments made out of my Bills space in the ‘Bills Space’ feed and doesn’t list them on the main feed. The actual ‘formal’ statement that you can download though just lists everything (which makes sense as that’s based on your account number).


I definitely prefer Starling’s method of displaying it, compared to Monzo’s. The feed can get so cluttered with Monzo’s way.


Totally agree :blush::+1:


Any potential news or updates on an Instant Access Saver with a good interest? Their fixed rate is quite poor, they should also bump this up too.

No news on anything Starling since the piss poor fixed saver and virtual cards. Very slow to add new stuff in my opinion.



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Quite the jump from $3.3bn

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Starlings valuation is a bit different as there aren’t a ton of VC raises to compare it to