Starling Bank Discussion: Part 2

A place to discuss the latest Starling Bank news.

Starting with this: branches?


Well that’s interesting… could it be a pop up marketing type thing rather than a full fledged permanent branch?


I cannot see the point of this at all. I agree that it more than likely a pop up thing (maybe at a tube station of something)

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Intriguing, isn’t it?

I originally thought it might be a part on words or something (like Monzo’s “only branches are on GitHub” thing) but I’m not sure what that could be.

All the replies are taking it at face value, though…

Prediction- pop up shop in a wooden shed like the ads

Coz marketing

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Ok, some off-beat ideas:

  • First international expansion (branching out overseas)?
  • A different brand or something (the company branching out)?
  • Another product? Everything has been flavours of current account so far. So a different product branch: credit card? Mortgage?

Feels a very odd time to open a physical branch. And I can’t see how a pop up would work with social distancing. :man_shrugging:


I can’t see this being a physical branch. Will be interesting to see what they’re referring to.


I am intrigued myself so I guess watch this space…

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The hashtag seems to imply a new direction or department in the business not an actual bank branch.

But if it is then I’m guessing a self service machine to deposit cash and cheques.

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New(ish) logo as well. Looks like they’re capitalising on reaching profitability, we’ve seen a flurry of new products recently. I hope we see a redesign of the front page of their app, it’s the only part about their service I don’t like. A list of transactions would be more useful than a pie chart, IMHO.

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It has to be said, Starling are impressing lately.


Like another poster, above, I think it will be more figurative speech, and that they’re branching out towards a new product.

Physical branches would be a Metro move, and I don’t see that happening.

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Updated by them

We told you we’re #BranchingOut. And we are…

Every time you refer a friend, Starling will plant a tree. Just another way we’re changing banking for good.

We’ve partnered with Trillion Trees, a joint venture for forest protection made up of three of the world’s largest conservation organisations: BirdLife International, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

More to come very soon! Oh sorry, did you think we meant something else? :smirk:



well it certainly got the Monzo community forum going :slight_smile:


Starling bank coffee shop maybe?

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Nice call, Starling.

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Lots of ‘em. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve thought before that it’s odd that Starling and Monzo don’t open a pop-up shop, somewhere with high footfall with staff to advise on the benefits of opening an account.

Would be odd during a pandemic, mind you.

Initially I thought this was along the lines of Starling’s EU license, branching out in different markets.

But trees are great. Stealing Bunq’s thunder.

Starling really is killing it right now.


Just to be clear, they mean this organisation

Not to be confused with the crazy greenwashing by salesforce and others, which is also called trillion trees…

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Wait it’s 1st April again? Wild how Corona makes the year fly by so fast.