Split Bill UX forces you backwards

When you split a bill with one of your favourites it successfully splits the bill. However to then get back to the transaction details screen or your full account details screen you need to click the back arrow in the top left and basically walk backwards through the split bill steps (select amounts, select friend, back to transaction view). Once you’re back on the transaction view it shows you’ve split it successfully, but why did it make me walk back through the steps, it makes you think it didn’t work (though this happens every time so I know it has now).
I would expect when I successfully select a friend to split bill with it takes me back to the transaction details view where I originally started.
Details to reproduce:
iPhone 15 Pro
App Version:

@TomMills Sounds like the issue I reported last week? This one isn’t on a flex transaction though by the looks of it so I guess it is a wider issue with bill splitting itself.