SPECULATION - We're getting close - what's in the new Plus? 👀

Even if they are there’s limited places you can travel to

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IF it includes travel insurance, Monzo can’t launch Plus with the disclaimer ‘oh but 99% of you can’t use the travel insurance’. Remember it would be a third botched attempt at launch.

IF it includes travel insurance it needs removing for now and launching without. What we are used to with cheap and easy worldwide travel no longer exists - and won’t for a long time.


Hopefully, Monzo will update before the end of Q1 (or launch)

I think everyone would understand if they did delay but don’t let there be radio silence about it


I’ve been thinking about what offering I‘d buy into / how I’d put together packages if working on the inside.

Monzo can’t please everyone, so perhaps if they choose to offer multiple packages, they’ll go more specialised. I would.

For the Traveller
Earn air miles
Travel insurance
Lounge access
Improved cash access overseas

For the Convenience Seeker
Uber credit every month
Deliveroo/Eats credit every month / free deliv
Cinema ticket every month

For the Worrier
Private healthcare
Travel insurance
Gadget insurance

For anyone
Metal card, one-off £10 fee, OR included with a 6+ month commitment.

Monzo, selling at volume, should be able to strike deals with partners to offer benefit to users. There should be benefit (e.g. $$ saving) to users more than the convenience of purchasing a bundle.


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No chance of it being £10 one-off.

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There are only two plans :wink:

There is nothing that can be said on all of this as we don’t know the true costs of all these things, how many people they would need to justify it or even if those businesses would even consider a partnership with Monzo.

It’s easy to make a list of wants and state all the free things you’d like.

I’d like:

  • Free KFC each month
  • 10 free lottery tickets
  • A chauffeur to drive me to work each day

I’d pay £5 per month or less if that’s an option?

But can it realistically be achieved (at this late stage too) and will it make a good business model? Does anyone offer similar that might support your case?

This is true. So they might as well please me.


Not a single thing in any of them lists I’d even be remotely interested in

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Be great to get an update given the amount that’s included in the recent android teardown


Be great to get any kind of update

Think a lot of us are expecting this to be paused for a while but it would be nice to know either way


It’s been many months now without an update. When the community voted for fewer updates, I don’t think this is what they had in mind


I think the Plus team might be sat in an office shredding all their paperwork, as the Covid crisis has done for travel insurance provision and the bank rate cuts have done for interest-bearing account provision, and thus seen to all their planned offerings. :neutral_face:


My opinion was that the demands for weekly updates was a demonstration of how entitled and demanding the forum had become around Plus. It was obvious that Monzo thought this was overkill and went along with it to appease, for a few weeks. The need to give constant updates was a distraction, and the feeling of ownership over the Plus product that the forum demanded was what got Monzo into the original Plus debacle in the first place, by trying to please everyone all of the time.


I think it’s simpler than that.

I don’t think Monzo any longer understands that engagement is different to broadcast. Indeed, with greater press interest, they seem to have abandoned an open, iterative, engaging approach.

All of which kinda makes me wonder what the point of the Community is, but that’s a different topic!


Beginning to agree with you, dont know why i bother coming on here anymore to be honest.

Had a glimmer of hope when a “Community Caretaker” was appointed but seems to have been a swing and a miss also


I agree. The opening post from them may as well have said ‘Im a new moderator nothing more nothing less’’


One good thing about the community is coming across new expressions, like this. :+1:


Let’s start a protest!


Just saw this as a related GIF to the one above and had to post it :rofl:


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