Something for loyalty/longevity

So in my experience there arent a great deal of rewards for loyalty these days when it comes to things like banking, phones, broadband etc so I was thinking as Monzo is a community then maybe we could reward those who join and stay. Because frankly its annoying when new users of whatever service get better deals that people who have stuck with them (like when you renew your broadband).

So let me be clear I am not talking about a higher international withdrawal limit for those who spend more money. I’m also not intending it to be anything massive or expensive because after all Monzo is a business.

But what about longevity awards (a bit like when you give blood) you get a different colour card and a certificate. Maybe a monzo card with a 5 year motif on it (a bit like investor cards).

Other ideas include:

  • A free sticker/pen or something

  • Voucher for a discount on a t-shirt

  • Voucher for a free shirt

Maybe different things at 1/2/5/10 years (looking further down the line here).

I was just considering that a) its nice to be noticed for longevity and participation and b) it gets monzo merch into peoples hands and therefore might be a bit of extra marketing. However it should ofc be cost effective.


Any other thoughts on rewarding longevity are welcome


Cool idea!

Badges on user’s profiles could be another option, as an extension of these -


Excellent Idea :slight_smile:

Forgot to add that to qualify accounts should ideally have been active for that amount of time not dormant but then there would have to be some way of measuring that.


Would be nice to get maybe a discount on a t-shirt or a random sticker through the post - doesn’t have to be much, it’s the little things that count and as Monzo has always shown it cares about it’s customers, this might be a way to extend that :slight_smile:

+1 for user badges too (could have some fun competition over number of Starbucks transactions!)


This or nothing



I think in-app visuals/functions would be great, Maybe a different colour interface (or freedom to change it) or a banner at the top with some kind of acknowledgement when you hit certain loyalty milestones.