So Monzo- has a new £85 million investment, how would you spend it if you were in charge?

Monzo- has successfully raised a further £85m, how do you think it should best be spent if you were in charge?

« Champagne for all! »

Boring, but: hiring staff to increase customers, and increase unit economics per customer.

Getting to profitability and sustainability going forwards is key right now…


Staff - not the wooden pole type, but the people type.

As customer base increases COPs should scale, more developers etc for continued roadmap develolpment

And some on advertising.

Get the app internationally ready, get the marketplace up and running.


It’ll go quickly! In this industry that is peanuts for the amount of work Monzo needs to do!


To increase customer uptake I guess there need to accelerate the outstanding roadmap items and remove the barriers to adoption: cash payments, savings, cheque payments.- that takes developers.

To get to break even…??? I don’t know how Monzo actually make money! I had thought that would be via the Marketplace?

How does Monzo make money to get to profitability?

Who knew the Tube adverts were so expensive…


If they paid my mortgage off… they could paint my new house Hot Coral and put Monzo in giant letters on the roof… :wink:


I think picking up disgruntled TSB customers was easier!

I wish they’d rebuild the iOS app from scratch. It’s a disaster currently.

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At Monzo or if I had that money? :see_no_evil:

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I actually revisited my Starling account today. Haven’t used in in months and months. I must admit their marketplace is coming together nicely.

I do hope Monzo can use their money to accelerate in these sorts of areas…

It’s really not that bad… compare it to any legacy bank.

Prioritisation of their roadmap, not to release everything at once, but to keep drip feeding to keep it interesting.

Possibly look at subsidising some service, such as high rate longer term savings, difficult when you have a user base of 1.1million

Very carefully dip toes into the US, making sure infrastructure in place is easily scalable, look for an innovative way to dip in, maybe a partnership with another company with a synergy, offering early access… then on to golden tickets again

Review of staff, underperforming advise they need to wake up, overperforming and at risk of poaching, financially secure, if better options are futile. Plan for these peeps to leave in the near future if there is no career progression available.

Kick off an innovative way of marketing in the UK, not just tube advertising, something that will prove as popular as golden tickets, cost effective and grabs headlines

Good points here @Bruce. How can you get a better net effect with something like golden tickets and stunningly coloured cards- it’s difficult.

I wondered if it would be an idea to have a counter that shows every time a Monzo card is used? Probably against everyone’s privacy (or is it?) - but could you show on a global map where and when cards are being used?

I would find that fascinating!

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At least most legacy apps don’t stutter when you scroll. Monzo is the only app that ever does this. Every other app either loads the data upfront (and allows me to go to a “next page” to load more) or has proper background loading support that doesn’t block the main thread while waiting for a network request to complete.

I know they’re already on it, but massively ramping up the COps team size, and developing better tools so they can do their job more easily (ie the new chat feature and whatever CRM tools they use so they can tie up comments from tweets, chats in app, emails, sms, phone calls etc, so if you send a tweet then send a chat they know they’re from the same person. (No idea if they do this now but I work on some big client accounts where social and customer services are totally disconnected and it makes things quite complex).

And hopefully they’ll be able to use some to continue their expansion into Europe and the US.


With the talented developers they have perhaps they should look at Urban Airship and Twilio.

Pineapples (in case anyone orders pizza).

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