Slow payments, later refunded

So I had a slightly weird experience yesterday, and I’m wondering whether this is specific to me, or if there was some wider bug. I paid at my local sports centre, and the card machine took around four minutes to connect. It issued a receipt suggesting I’d paid, but saying that it was unable to connect. The Mondo app showed that I’d paid, and the reception staff accepted this. However, around three hours later, the money was refunded (which is a bit dodgy). Anyway, later that day I was trying to pay for some food, and the card machine again took three or four minutes before refusing payment. Both were non-contactless terminals, and accepted my PIN fine. At the chippy, when I used my HSBC card it connected and worked immediately (so it wasn’t their machine). Any thoughts on this? I will be using my card later, and I’ll see how it goes…

Possible that the sports centre was on a BT network and affected by the core network issues yesterday :confused:

I have a feeling this was related to BT’s internet being up and down, we had massive issues at work as we run virtual servers. Seems it’s all sorted out today so good luck

That makes a lot of sense, thanks all!

I had a funny on that day too.

Things were running slowly

Paid via contactless mondo in the cafeteria at work ( a new payment system so anything could happen…)
I’m sure I saw “authorized” on the external card reader and started walking away (it was crazy slow, but in 10s of seconds at most)
5s later till assistant calls me back and says payment failed
I make payment again, it seems to work this time

interestingly my mondo card showed

so end result correct… I assume timeouts somewhere in the network…