Shops Membership Cards in Mondo Card (Co-Operative Food, Marks & Spencer, etc)


I have this idea, i’ve seen that you will integrate the Nectar/Tesco card points in the Mondo Card. But I think that would be great if you will can integrate lots of big shop memebership cards, like Co-Operative Food, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose etc. Will be so much easier to not bring many cards in the pocket and to have a big wallet just because we have 5-6 membership cards with us all the time…

I am not owning an Mondo Card, cause I am waiting for next month to top up my mondo account to can receive the card, but I am looking forward to have it and to try it ! I love Mondo, I can see that you start to do so many things in Mondo which I was always thinking about and saing why nobody is doing that and that … but now, here we are, the future is Mondo !

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Thanks for the idea Cristian!

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