'Shared' Targets and Budgeting


I’d like to see an extension to the targets feature that allows ‘shared’ targets to be set up between arbitrary users.

Household spending on items is rarely done through a single account, and it’d be very useful to, for example, set a shared ‘Grocery’ target with a partner, so that you know as a couple, how much you have spent across the period in question.

I don’t think this should be specifically for ‘families’, but should allow any number of people to set up a shared target that their spending contributes to. In that way it gives the maximum flexibility in terms of different uses, while still allowing the most obvious ‘household’ use case.

It would certainly be a killer feature for me, as there’s no solutions out there on the app store that I feel totally happy with, and it’s a step beyond the likes of Lloyds Money Manager. I don’t think it should be too difficult to implement either, assuming targets already exist on Monzo’s servers and aren’t local to the device.

Apologies if this has already been considered and rejected, I couldn’t see it on the roadmap, and therefore thought it’s worth mentioning!