Setting the record straight on our crowdfunding round


Hey that’s my comment - and if you took it at face value (god forbid you should actually read the thread) then i strongly advise you do not leave your house let alone do something as complex as buy shares!

(James Wheatley) #25

This is why I find it hard to read this type of "news"paper any more!

But great article from @tom


I hope that was a general comment to the world, and not directed at me :joy:

Congrats on making the Times though!


When I say you, I don’t mean YOU literally, I meant the figurative you.


Ooh I’m famous! :hugs:


Either way, using an overdraft for buying shares is for suckers!

This is the way forward…


Haha my comment does look very accusing towards you :slightly_frowning_face: (it’s not)

Hey I guess that comment will also get abused and misquoted by the times too?


I’m going to misquote you in my personal blog so the 1 reader I have hates you forever…

(Richard) #32

You can go onto the Times site and post a comment stating that this is poor journalism that has been twisted to suit an agenda.

I’ve done so and thankfully the majority of the comments are in Monzo’s favour.

Journalism in this country is broken. Truly is.


Well I didn’t use a capital T when referring to the Times in my post, so very poor journalism on my part there!

(tom) #34

Sadly, this is the kind of jokey comment that the journalists used to support their piece.

Please don’t take a loan to buy shares. It’s daft.

(Nick) #35

Excellent response from Monzo, making it clear they don’t encourage this behaviour.

Interesting to see that a large number of the editorial team from the Times are pushing the party line on Twitter, does make you wonder why they’ve decided to go after Monzo like this.

My favourite is the economics editor suggesting that Monzo could ban users from using their overdraft. Has a bank ever done that before? And even if Monzo did, what’s to stop people using their non-Monzo overdrafts instead? So it wouldn’t actually solve the problem if anyone was determined to invest that way.


Still as someone said (about 200 years ago when I did my marketing diploma) there is no such thing as bad publicity. I anticipate a surge in new Monzo card holders as a result. R-


It’s a sad day when a tongue in cheek jokey comment, on a forum of like minded users can’t be said in case it’s twisted in a news article.

(Alex Brooks) #38

They appear willing to debate…

(Behrooz Rezvani) #39

I mean that’s how news outlets work right, they try to connect something to a project that is successful and try to destroy it, and that’s how they gain fame.
As long as you do what you do and transparency with customers is in your agenda you are the winner.
We’ve got your back jack. :joy:

(Nick) #40

There’s also a weird attack on his feed: a customer asks a direct question. Business provides a straightforward response to the two points queried (albeit with emojis). This is what he chooses to quote and link to the overdrafts “story”? There’s literally no way Monzo could have replied in a less informative way, short of “Sorry, we’re not going to answer your question.”

(MikeF) #41


You’ve seen the way the media works in this country, right?


I have, hence the repeated comments of how poor I think the UK journalism is, and how I despise the “click bait” headlines.

But you’ve also seen this forum right? There are literally 1000’s of comments that can be taken out of context and used against Monzo if a journalist had an agenda.


If the rest of the country are talking about this as much as we are then fantastic :sunglasses:

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