Setting targets

Hello! I don’t know if this is possible but I think it would be really handy to be able to set dates for your monthly targets. At the moment mine is just for the whole of May, however I get paid on 25th so it would be more useful for me for the targets to run from 25th-25th. Is there currently a way to amend this or can I suggest it as an amend


Currently you cannot do this. But when the current accounts launch (in the next few months) it will be possible. Check out the link above for Hugo’s post detailing a sneak peak at the feature. It looks great.


just to follow on from what @Doherty said you can let them know what would be best for you here


I also think the fact that this isn’t possible is a real flaw with Monzo. I’m not sure i know of anyone who gets paid and therefore balances their money from the 1st of every month so why is the current Monzo system set up so ridgidly?? I really hope they get to working on this soon.

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It is coming soon, Hugo has already given a sneak peek of it working in the linked post above :arrow_heading_up:

That’s great! I look forward to it :slight_smile: