Set Start of Month

(Matthew Noble) #77

I’d like to upvote this feature also. My employer pays us on the 25th of each month or the earliest working day. An example being if the 25th is a bank holiday Monday I’d get paid on the Friday before.

On the subject of the term for ‘month’. Perhaps the term could instead be used to the month paid, for example ‘my spending from April pay’. But as an option to switch to.


(Ian Gallosi) #78

I get paid on or around the 26th of each month. I love the targets/budgeting functionality but it would be really helpful if I could customise my month start and end. At the minute I manually work out of my disposable what I add as calendar month target for time between pay day and month end, and then set a new target from month start to pay day on or around 26th.

Customising timescales would be a really useful benefit for me.


(Emily Farthing) #80

This is exactly what I was going to post, adding that you can view a weekly statement too.


(Brij) #81

It would be really helpful to set custom months for the budget tracking function - I get paid in the middle of the month but the tracker resets at the start of a new calendar month


(Paul Collins) #82

Hi, I’ve not found this question been asked before but as I get paid monthly on the 15th of each month the spending tab would be useful for me to show my month from 15th to 14th. Is there any way this can be done currently or possibly for the future?


(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #83

Hello Paul, welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Your feature is well-discussed. Hopefully this post

has the answer you’re after, about halfway down.


(Ashley) #84

I find the ‘spent today’ in-app display and in-notification text mostly useless, as I don’t think about my money per day - I think about it in more digestible, budgetable timeframes like week or month. It would be good to be able to change what is shown in that top right total, and in the notifications. Additionally, if it could tell you in the notification how much you’d spent in that category (eg eating out) for the time period, that’d be far more useful than ‘spent today’, but I’d settle for it just telling me the total for my chosen time period irrespective of category.


(Caspar) #85

If you click the little looking glass icon below the panel/above your list of transactions, you can search by category and time period. At the bottom (if you move the keyboard down off the screen) you get a total spend and average per transaction spend.

It could be handy if you could pin a search to be the default shown in the top panel if that’s the kind of data you’d prefer to see.


(Ashley) #86

Hrmm I guess this is an iPhone only view? I can’t seem to find/replicate that in Android.

However, it doesn’t quite address what I’m after… I want to see my running total for the time period of my choice to be on display at all times like spent today is; basically I just want the ‘spent today’ to be configurable to other relative time periods, rather than just always seeing ‘spent today’, which for me is useless as I don’t budget for a daily amount, I budget in weekly and monthly amounts.

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(Marta) #87

On Android we only have spent per month (Spending tab), and merchant summaries once you drill in the transaction details. Search doesn’t allow time periods, just simplest keyword/emoji search.

I see what you mean though, I could definitely use weekly spending periods on app homepage, since most of my daily purchases are small (like just lunch), so I’m looking at the same £2.50 every day. :smiley:


(Vaishali) #88

A simple request on the budget/target feature.
Would be so useful if i could set my start date.
My financial month starts on 15th of the month not on the 1st, so I’d like to be able set my monthly targets from the 15th and to monitor from that point


(Frank) #89

So I have now moved over some direct debits and credits and dying to use the targets. But as my salary is 20th and debit start from around the same time, I am finding it really difficult to track as the targets reset on the 1st.

Will the current account be launching with targets being per calendar month? I think targets can be such a key feature and selling point for monzo but in its current form it’s more of a hindrance to try and use it unless you get paid on the 1st of the month.


(Jason) #90

Second that for some customisation. Weekly paid here so would like either weekly or 4-weekly option maybe?


(Talia Pittman) #91

Hi there, loving the app. I have been looking around the forums and haven’t seen this idea (although I might have missed it). It’s a simple one and should be easy enough to implement.
I budget weekly (rather than monthly). I would love to have the option to set weekly spending targets, not just monthly.
As it is with the monthly targets I can’t use this feature. I hope I’m not the only one!!!


(Solomon Wilkinson) #92

I’m glad there’s already a thread for this as this has been the number one thought on my mind since starting to get my salary paid in to the Monzo CA. I keep looking and being like “oh great, only spent x amount on Ubers this month”, only to remember to swipe left and realise for the eightieth time that I have vastly overspent.

Adjustable pay periods are 100% necessary.

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(Carlo) #93

Hi everyone

I’ve had a few ideas before coming here but they seem to have been addressed by other users except one

I’d like to be able to change where a month starts and ends as my salary doesn’t come in at exactly the end of the month. I end up having to look at different sets of monthly data to get a more accurate depiction of the month…you can spend a lot of money in 5 days!



(Benjamin Doherty) #94

This idea has been suggested many times here. Monzo are taking it seriously are have assured users that it will be possible soon


(Jolin) #95

There’s quite a lot of discussion around this topic. Make yourself a cup of tea :coffee: and go here:

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(Marios) #96

Lets say I’m getting paid on the 22nd
At the moment, the budgeting tool generates a monthly report at the end of every month (1st - 30th) which isn’t really helpful or accurate for people getting paid earlier than the last week of the month



Im intrigued as to why people need the month to start on the 22nd for example, when they have fixed expenses for the month. Regardless of when I get paid there are still specific bills I need to meet on a monthly basis and the day I get paid doesn’t really change that.

For those wanting a flexible date… am I missing something really obvious ? Is your rent, mobile phone, tv licence etc not paid monthly?

I mean there are people who get paid weekly and they still have to work to a monthly budget to get the bills paid ?