Selling shares in Wisealpha

Hi there

I was part of the crowdcube investment in Wisealpha and really am unable to make use of the purchase of bonds.

my investment when i last spoke with wisealpha was worth approx 2000 shares but I have no idea what they are worth or more importantly if i can sell them.

any help would be useful



Hi Dave,

Welcome to the community! As a seller, before you sell anything I think it would be quite useful to find out if you can actually sell and how so as to not waste your (and your potential buyers’ time).

But to answer it, if it’s not a publicly traded company it’s quite likely that you won’t be able to easily sell. You might be if you can prove to the company that you need to sell due to financial difficulty/whatever the company would consider a valid reason to grant an exception.

All the best!

Thank you.

I was a bit naive perhaps when I invested and due to circs i probably won’t be buying bonds so the shares if I could sell them might be more useful right now.

As they’re not listed I have no idea if I should suck it up and hope that I can sell in future or see if Wise Alpha would help in buying them back

I guess i need to ask them again now it’s been a few years

Thanks for your help


How come you’ve joined a Monzo forum to ask about shares in another company?

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because I saw a thread on here about Wisealpha

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