Selection MasterCard or MasterCard Debit Card Which selection option?

I was just about to pay my car vehicle tax online and there are options for MasterCard and MasterCard Debit.

It seems that the card is the latter but I noticed another discussion elsewhere about this issue which did not seem to have been resolved.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Than you,

P.S. The mobile App help cand find topics. The ‘Loading topics’ text with the rotating circle above appears for a while and then it says there is a problem and to try again. This keeps happening (13:12 on Thursday 9th September 2018).

I’ve paid online for my car tax. It’s the latter.


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If there’s a “MasterCard Debit” option, always pick that, if there isn’t but there’s a plain “MasterCard” option, pick that.

MasterCard debit cards seem to be relatively unknown compared to Visa, but it’s getting up there and I’m seeing it as a stand-alone option more and more.

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Thank you Peter, that worked OK.

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