Seedrs experience

Hi everyone.

Having used Crowdcube for some time, I recently started using Seedrs to make small investments in startups. Do you have any experiences with Seedrs you can share? How does it compare to Crowdcube?

My initial impression is that the platform is not as user friendly as Crowdcube but individual pitches are well presented. Does Seedrs tend to attract startups with a more robust proposition? (A few of the recent pitches I’ve seen recently on Crowdcube look a bit flaky). Why no mobile app?

Thanks for your input.

Secondary market, active engagement with business, some are really good at this pluto and macrebur from my experience.

No fees for investing other than 7% carry on profits

Seedrs also have a few different funds and auto invest, however crowdcube have a few more bigger crowd funds monzo, freetrade etc.

Regardless of the platform you use there’s some prospective good companies but a few companies that you’d???

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