Crowdfunding platforms discussion

I couldn’t find a crowdcube thread so here we are,

Crowdcube and seedrs plan on merging

I mean they were both losing money so it make sense

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Hmm, I wonder what implications this will have?

Crowders or Seedcube?


Should go for a dramatic yet accurate rebrand:


Advertising tagline, “The majority of you will never see any return on your investments.”

(Too cynical? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

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I am confused which way it is happening. Whose platform & fee structure will survive the merge?

What’s probably most interesting for Monzo shareholders is that Seedrs has a secondary market in place where shares can change hands.

It might (only might!) provide a way for people to exit before an IPO, and also give an idea of how the ‘market’ values the shares rather than the very rigid valuations that occur whenever Monzo raise more money.


I think this is very interesting, it will be an interesting case study on how two leaders (though loss makers) come together and make the most out of each other’s features, people, marketing etc

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