Security team question

Hi, this is more of a question around information sharing around a blog article written a couple of years ago. How our security team handle secrets

Would there be any possibility to have a dialogue with the security team about the implementation of Vault. I am curious about implementing Vault at my organisation and would be curious to discuss the challenges and methods used to achieve the success Monzo has.

Or is that information all confidential, with the exception of the blog post?



Hi Andy, your best bet would be to reach out to Monzo via (not sure if there’s a better corporate email) or find someone on LinkedIn and approach them

We’re mostly just customers and enthusiasts here


The title lured me in :sadface:


There’s a secret management team :sunglasses:. Intriguing.

A lady called Anne runs it, heard she has another bank :eyes:


Here’s an old thread from when we published that blog featuring some extra info from the team:

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