Say hello to iOS Health team at Monzo 🍎 🩺

Don’t have another day to compare it to, but the “possible” text shows on downdetector when there’s 10-25% more reports than average for this time, but not a huge spike

They’re looking into it

About time you’d be inclined to say.

If only they could’ve started investigating it yesterday.


Same issue here, I’m with VM but also tried over mobile 4g and still spinning and not updating no, can’t see card details or anything. Very annoying! At this point I think I have had the issue for about 24 hours.

Hey Niall, look at this thread there might be a solution here for your issue

Taken from

If you’re still having issues after performing the actions suggested then you need to contact support.

That status update was a whole day after the outage was first reported. The issue began on June 7th, and wasn’t resolved until the afternoon of June 8th. A few hours after they began investigating.

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As @N26throwaway says, it took 24 hours for them to update the Status Page.

If the issue wasn’t fixed I wouldn’t even be able to contact support because the app didn’t work.

I’ve opened a complaint now anyway so I’ll see how that gets dealt with.

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Sorry, was just trying to help! :person_shrugging:

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Wonder what the cause was?

As seems a small minority impacted as far as I can tell.

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Apologies if my tone came across a bit rude. Wasn’t my intention.

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No idea. Would love to know though.

Definitely something on their end, given that they were able to fix it without a client update.


From my experience we’d have a reporting agent that watches for the app failing to contact the core infrastructure on the users device, and then would log that on a secondary infrastructure. Usually a 10-15% failure increase initiates auto-emails and calls to the whole team

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