Say hello to iOS Health team at Monzo 🍎 🩺

Two things - I made the right connection but could I suggest iOS performance team @AlanDoe?

Secondly be really interesting to hear what happens in the depths of the coding. For example do you guys use any form of automated testing/TDD (I might have asked this before) and other quality engineering practices so where possible things get picked up early stages?


Oh nice more app parity features to distinguish between the 2 platforms

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Financial health as a heart, should slot in right next to your heart rate/stress levels :smiley:

Would be nice, say for every 1 mile walked, but x into a pot. I know this can be done with IFTTT, but not with the native iOS health data

Performance issues aside I hope it doesn’t cause a further imbalance. Of course I’m bias to Android but iOS have some pretty cool things (like advanced search) that Android doesn’t.


This sounds great, but I do have a few questions about it.

Firstly, how detailed do you want our bug reports to be, in general? Are you just looking for trends or do you want us to document specific bugs in detail (I usually do this on Testflight but I’ve never been sure if I’m being helpful or not)? Do you want all Testflight users to do this (even iOS beta users) or are you more interested in users on stable/current releases? In the past, I’ve submitted detailed reports and then re-submitted short reports when the same issue occurs again. Do you want us to do that every time?

Also, I think it would be helpful for the team to set out a “how to write bug reports” post which, rather than generally telling us how to write reports, tells us how to write them specifically how the Monzo team would find most helpful. Sort of like Apple’s guide below, but specific to Monzo. Is that something you might be interested in doing?

Example - here’s Apple’s advice for submitting bug reports properly, from the summer 2021 iOS 15 beta

When and how to submit feedback

File whenever you encounter a problem. If something you have used in the past doesn’t seem to be working now, or a new feature doesn’t seem to behave the way you thought it would, or you’re finding that apps are quitting unexpectedly (“crashing”) or becoming unresponsive (“hanging”) or simply running too slow to be useable anymore, that’s a problem!

**Start your feedback as soon as you can.**The Feedback Assistant app collects time-sensitive logging when you start a new feedback, so it can help if you start your feedback report close to when you saw the problem. You can always start and save your draft immediately, then finish and submit later.

Protip: If you can tell us, in your feedback, when the problem happened, it will help us pinpoint, in the log files, what was happening on your device at the time. If you can tell us the date and time it occurred, that’s great, but even an estimate of how many minutes or hours before you started writing your feedback will help tremendously.

Give your feedback a clear and specific title. If you had to describe the thing that went wrong in a single sentence, what would it be? You’ll have a chance to go into more detail in the description, but a title that quickly tells the story really helps us know what kind of investigation is going to be appropriate.

“Cannot download attachments from Mail messages”

“Safari quits unexpectedly when loading front page of

“AirDrop on my iPhone no longer sees my iMac”

Provide as much detail as you can in the description. What were you doing before the problem occurred? What were you expecting would happen, and how did the problem differ from your expectations? Have you seen the problem occur more than once? Are you able to make the problem happen every time? (We call that “reproducing” the problem.) What are the shortest or simplest set of setups you have to go through to make it happen?

Protip: Depending on which area (feature or app) you select while composing your feedback, we may ask a few more questions to get even more specific information about the problem.

Consider screenshots and screen recordings as a way to show as well as tell. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Screenshots and recordings can be very helpful for understanding a bug when there are many different words you could use to describe a symptom you are seeing or set of steps that you are going through. Detailed descriptions of how to capture screenshots and screen recordings are available on our support pages:

***Screenshots on iOS and iPadOS:*Take a screenshot on your iPhone - Apple Support

Screen recordings on iOS and iPadOS: Record the screen on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support

***Screenshots on macOS:*Take a screenshot on your Mac - Apple Support

***Screen recordings on macOS:*How to record the screen on your Mac - Apple Support

***Screenshots on watchOS:*Take a screenshot on Apple Watch - Apple Support

Include all of the relevant file information that is needed. Depending on which features of the OS you are sending feedback about, there may be additional, specific logs or files that we ask for. When using Feedback Assistant on iOS or iPadOS, before you hit “Submit”, if you see a “Gather” link in the File Uploads section of your feedback, click on it to include additional logs that are relevant to the type of feedback you are reporting. Using Feedback Assistant on macOS, before you hit “Submit”, if you see items in red in the File Uploads section of your feedback, click “Previous” to return to the Attach Files page and then, for each greyed-out item that remains, click on the question mark to see how to gather that information.

Make sure the information you want to submit is uploaded. Once you hit “Submit”, your feedback and any files or logging you’ve collected will begin uploading. This can take some time, depending on your network connection and the amount of information, but it should continue with uploading in the background as long as your device is awake and connected to the Internet.


This sounds like an excellent idea.

(But, in the meantime, I think @N26throwaway’a excellent posts could serve as a helpful template).


Was that question even answered? Nope.


I’m interested so what is the answer or is the Android version considered to be perfect? :thinking:

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It’s been a long time since Android apps have been the very poor relation

I remember the BBC launching their Sport app for iOS like a year before the Android app and this wasn’t 2007 or anything :sweat_smile:


No, we don’t have an Android equivalent at the moment. Generally we see fewer logouts, crashes, performance issues and broken flows in the Android app, so we’re focussing on getting the iOS app into a comparable place.


The more details you can provide, the more likely we are to replicate the crash and be able to fix it, so if you can be super detailed, that would be a great help.

We’d be happy with both - if you notice trends, that may point to a specific set of problems that we need to fix. But typically that would take more investigating before we can fully understand the problem. Having more detailed info about specific crashes helps us get to the bottom of them quicker. Reports via TestFlight are very helpful, so please do keep those up and thank you for them!

Both are helpful, but I’d say that TestFlight/beta crashes are more helpful - if something new has appeared it’s much easier to look over the last week’s-worth of changes to see what could have caused the problem, and helps us “nip them in the bud” before they become “known issues”.

If you’re seeing the same issue repeatedly, giving us one detailed report and then simply referencing the detailed report in subsequent reports is perfect :pray:

That’s a great idea, thank you! We’ll look at putting something like that together :muscle:


Posts like this are what stop staff posting.

Peter asked his question at 11:48, you posted at 10pm to have a dig that someone hadn’t answered his question. There had been one post by someone in that team at 11:52, and quite a detailed reply, so I would imagine he started writing it before Peter posted. They may not have even seen it.

They didn’t post again yesterday, they have this actual job to do! But this morning, back to the working day, Lee is posting and replying to questions.

Lets try our best not to scare staff away! We want more involvement, not less!


That’s for the detailed replies!
I’ll be sure to keep the bug reports coming.

A final question: there was a recent iOS beta (I think it was iOS 15.0 beta) where Monzo just crashed continually and you got the Testflight crash notification almost every time you unlocked the phone. In that sort of situation, do you still want us to submit the crash every time? I was doing for a while but then realised you were probably waiting to see if future iOS betas fixed the issue and therefore a fix wasn’t a priority - so I stopped submitting those. Would you prefer the rule to be “just always submit”? Currently, I do default to an “if in doubt, submit a report” but don’t bother every single time if it’s something like that where you probably aren’t rolling out a fix yet but are already aware of the issue.


Very late to this thread (had a busy a few days).

First of all, thank you for setting this team up. It’s very reassuring. The Monzo experience for the past 6 months on iOS hasn’t been very positive at all, so it’s good that it’s being taken seriously.

Especially when half the time sharing the issues on here it can feel a bit like talking into a void as others are unable to reproduce or haven’t noticed themselves.

I tend to stay away from beta software where I can, which means unless I’m being inconvenienced by a bug with the App Store version of Monzo, I tend not to be using the TestFlight build at all.

What’s the best way to help with this stuff for those of us not utilising the TestFlight build? The app still directs us to the forums for here for bug reports, so is this the only/preferred outlet, or is there something else you’d prefer me to do in addition to or instead of flagging on here?


Yes please :pray:

I love Monzo but the sluggy performance, unresponsive buttons and jittery animations are making the app borderline unusable sometimes.

Love seeing it recognised


Just a quick tip if your app is like this right now.

Quit the Monzo app (flick it away from the multitasking view).

Head to the settings app, search for Monzo, and within Monzo toggle on reset session, then relaunch the app.

This will sign you out, and you’ll need to sign back in, but it should restore the app to peak performance for a while.


Hello ioz team,

So whats the issue with the monzo app constantly logging one off?

At first it was crashing and to reinstall severally.

Now it logs one out and have to start all over again.

It has become unreliable and changing one’s mind on how perfect monzo is.

I now also use an android phone and not had those issues yet.

Why has monzo been unanle to resolve this isssue after several updates and considering this has been happning for months.



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Yeah I still think that could have been done at the time but it is what it is. Better late then never and all that.

It does seem to make a difference actually! Thanks for the tip