Salary Sorter to Joint Account?

Quick question - can I click my salary and sort my bills directly to my joint account each month, and would this remember this for payments going forward?. OR is this just a pots thing and have to make a load of pots? :crazy_face:

You can sort to your JA and/or your JA pots.

It remembers it all.

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My salary goes into the joint account, and Salary Sorter can definitely move some to my personal account, so I would assume that you can do it the other way around, too

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Thank youuuu :nerd_face:

Only had my Joint Account for 1 month so only had salary paid once since opening it (just over a week ago) but:

I was able to move money using Salary Sorter from my Personal Account to my Joint Account, but I wasn’t able to move anything directly into my JA pots. I had to move it to the Joint Account via Salary Sorter, then manually move it from the JA to the JA Pots.

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Yeah, I salary sort some JA. Then I can salary sort that payment into pots. But not directly from my PA to my JA pots.

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Yeah just been paid day early now and tried it. Went straight to my JA which is what I wanted. Thanks everyone .

My employer didn’t pay me right today so another question.

When I’ve set my salary sorter to take £580 for bills from this income… would it then take another £580 from the next payment in the next few days when my employer pays me correctly (even if it’s only £300) ??

Oh actually scrap that as it said at the bottom “we’ll check with you if you want to sort this payment again”

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Yeah, you get the option to alter the amount you’re about to sort. There is no ‘auto-sort’ just a manual one which remembers - but can be adjusted.

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