Rural Banking opportunity

With the Isles of Scilly loosing their last bank, there is an opportunity to promote digital banking there. Perhaps an advertising campaign, but with additional support for traditional late adopers, e.g. giving out some old tablets to people without phones, or other support training.

If you get a critical mass of people then it would be easy to convert the whole island, and then with that use case in the bag you could offer support to other councils and rural banks (particlarly Scotland, where rural banking closures and mobile bank cancellations is a big issue).

Just getting enough people onto it would help kickstart adoption.

At least they have a Post Office so they can sign up to Starling and use the card at the counter like in a bank :rofl:


That’s a bit harsh!

I bet they don’t have a PayPoint!


How much would you say was worth spending?

Google says they have a population of just over 2000. Converting 10% would be impressive and unlikely.

They have just the 1, had to double check :upside_down_face:


I bet BBC News will be covering when their last PayPoint closes next!

You heard it here first.

“Getting cash out is getting harder and harder, all the banks have gone already, and now this”.
Anonymous Islander

In all seriousness, this just makes the case once again that cash is actually more difficult and awkward in the remotest areas, as compared to urban centres. I always thought that the characterisation from the Access to Cash review that rural people “relied on cash” was inaccurate (it certainly is for me) and made no sense.

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