Running decreasing total

Hi guys, to stop myself spending too much on lunch/gym/pub etc. I have set a Monzo account up which I put my total spend for the month. Typically I have it set up to spend about £5 a day during the week and £30 every Monday for Training/Pub etc.

What I was wondering is if there is any ideas for a running total going through the month.

So if I spend only £4 on the first day of the month, it tells me I’m under budget, if I spent £7 the following day it would tell me I’m over budget. This way I can tailor what I buy to keep on my £5 a day limit.

If I can set multiple running totals, I can then use these to budget Training, transport, etc. which on a day/week/month bases will allow me to see if I can splurge or have to holdback on my spending for that day

So similar to what Cleo does