Round up your Monzo purchases automatically!


I really like that each transaction is rounded and the little bubble to suggest it’s rounded. I don’t mind going down to the transaction to see the actual value if l need to.

I wouldn’t want to lose this seeing several coin jar transactions in my list l just see as clutter.

Appreciate what others say, prehaps we can have a switch… Either round up in transaction (one entry) or separate listing of round up and transaction (two entries). Apologies if this has been suggested previously my dinner is nearly ready


Agree with this comment

(Liam Oxborough) #127

Don’t know if this has been mentioned, but I hope this works with all transactions including direct debits in future.

(Harrison Burley) #128

There should be an option when creating savings accounts (pots) to be able to save into one regularly by rounding up transactions made on your current account card.

(Only available in amateur ) #129

There is. You turn on rounding up on whichever pot you want

(Andy) #130

More info on round ups here, make sure you’re on latest app version and it should be there for you:

(Harrison Burley) #131

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Rhys Jones) #132

Or you can use IFTTT to do this

(Matt C) #133

I really like this functionality, but is there any way of me switching off the little pot-coloured dot that shows with transactions where they have been rounded? I kind of want to forget the pot is there and pretend that I have paid whatever it has been rounded up to. It is hard to do this when that dot is showing on almost every transaction.

(Peter Shillito) #134

I am hoping that, when pots can have custom images set, you can set it to a transparent PNG :smiley:

(Matt C) #135

Haha - that would certainly solve it! :see_no_evil:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #136

It wouldn’t hide them completely because the images have a white outline so you’d still see it :wink:

(Ray) #137

I know but not really want to waste time with all the extra steps & the result is not easily viewable on a small screen (eyesight not too brilliant). It also give wrong impression of your actual spending because it is not right figure! Would rather see it like foreign currency transactions.

(Ray) #138

Solutions to feed very annoyingly no longer showing what have actually spent due to rounding but not cluttering feed for Monzo to implement please?
1)An on/off option to “show roundup in feed once a day”
2) Show the round up amount separately on same line say, inside the round up piggy icon

In the mean time
3)Get an account with IFTTT and learn how use applet

(Daniel) #139

Are you going to look into the Save the Change feature where all the transactions are rounded up to the nearest £1 and moved into a different pot?

My previous bank had this feature and it was useful.

For example, if a transaction was £1.49, £0.51 would be moved to the other pot.

It all adds up after a while. Of course this is optional for everyone but it might be good for others.


Yes, Monzo does this already. Simply create another pot and tick the round up transactions toggle and you’re away.

More info here:

(Daniel) #141

Sorry I completely missed it. Thank you!

(Peter Nobbs) #142

Has this broken for anyone recently? Two days in a row my round up has randomly stopped working and I’ve had to turn it back on. :thinking:. Been fine since launch until now.

(Michael York ) #143

Same here. Random switch off of rounding up.

(Andy) #144

It’s been reported under this bug report: