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I think that’s a political argument. The pros and cons are not particularly relevant.

The fact is that in the country in which Revolut operate and are regulated, the UK, the driving licence is ID.

That’s not particularly inclusive as arguments go. Some people would probably rather prioritize food and clothing over an additional identity document which may never be used for its primary purpose… but instead just to prove who you are to a bank what randomly changes the goalposts.

Just because we can afford to get a travel document, doesn’t mean that everybody is so fortunate.


Where do you see the correlation between desire to bank on the bus and desire to go overseas?
I don’t get the link that you try to draw.

When I spoke to their CS the other day asking to cancel my lounge-pass they advised me to provide my passport details as I opened the account with driving license, couple of taps and approved was painless and simple


Oh, I am sure it will be. After all my original signup was.

The point I am trying to raise, its that at a stroke 14% of the people in this country are no longer eligible to use them - even if they already have an account… and they’re not advertising this fact. Also, I think the way they are quietly suspending access rather being upfront about what and why they are taking action leaves a little to be desired.

Ultimately they provide a reasonable service… but this is a change that will affect people - and for those who are least likely to afford having frozen funds this is potentially a ‘biggie’.

I feel you are being obtuse, but I’ll respond. That’s my link, are those too poor for a passport going to want to bank with a mobile only bank?

Probably not.

I promise I’m not :innocent:

I think that you are perhaps looking to establish a link between (lack of) passport ownership and poverty. Conversely, I’d say there is a link between passport ownership and whether or not the person travels or intends to travel.

My mother only renewed her passport this year after 15 years - she did so to attend my wedding overseas. Before this she hadn’t felt the need to have a passport.

Mobile ownership, however, is near universal in 2019.

Regardless of one’s desire to travel overseas or your ability to afford to do so, more of us are choosing to bank using our phones. This is increasingly true as bricks-and-mortar banks become bars.

I know this thread isn’t about Monzo, but surely mobile banking is about how money can be made to work for all?


How long have they been doing this?

I only noticed yesterday when I logged in to check an exchange rate.

They haven’t emailed my to say my account is no longer verified and they only sent a text after I lodged a complaint - and even that only says that the I’d I provided is not right, implying they think I’ve just submitted something.

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A little worrying, as we are going away this weekend and were going to use Revolut as our spending card.

Any suggestions on how I can find out if my account is verified?
(originally opened with driving licence with no problems)

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They are not quietly suspending access. Again, they have sent emails and pushed notifications in the app. If you google Revolut + driving license, there are a dozens posts among Reddit and their community forum of British users asking about this.

They quietly suspended mine.

I have not received any push notifications. I have not had an email asking me for a passport.

Incidentally, you can still submit a driving licence in the app… Indeed it’s the default

But their CS says they will reject it.

Up to now, I haven’t received anything

Then it means you are good to go.

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Even though I signed up with driving licence?

Weird coz I only verified myself a few weeks ago for the first time with my driving license

Or does that not apply to business accounts?


I have a business account, validated with the same drivers licence. That’s still verified.

Seems they are only prepared to upset consumers. (So far, at least)

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I wonder if they are picking up on the photo expiry date?
Driving licence may be valid until you are 70, but photo only valid 5-10 years

I wondered that, but mine’s good to go until 2025.

They’re blaming Brexit…

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I could also have something to do with their 3rd party verification.

There could be a possibility that if you have a vocational entitlement, then they take that into account as these licences are checked and renewed more often.

I don’t think their checks are that sophisticated. I think they are looking to see if the person on the card is the person on the video.

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