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What do you get for that?

Is it the same as the premium plan? or extra on top?!

Virtually the same as Premium from what I can see.

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Expensive. I wouldn’t pay as much as £12.99 a month. But I am positive thousands of people across Europe will.

On some European forums, I have seen comparisons of metal cards to Amex Platinum which is super difficult to get in European countries. If I remember well, in Germany or Holland you need annual income of 100 thousand euro to qualify :roll_eyes:

With cashback, travel insurance, airport lounges and other stuff it would be as close as it gets to a rich man’s card for some folks! :joy:

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If you’re going to use all the stuff then it’s a good deal I guess.

I hear the cashback is given to you in crypto though…

They mention a concierge service. For sure if you were going to get regular Revolut’s CS you would need to be out of mind to fork out money on this :joy:

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I guess it would be optional to choose between fiat and crypto cashback? Not sure though :thinking: not everyone is into crypto

I’m just going off what I read here so who knows :man_shrugging:

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It could be but many a lot could have changed since May when it was published :grinning:

It doesn’t stop surprising me that the in spite of the horrid Revolut’s customer service they seem to be super skilled at making money!

I guess, making revenue is the only objective they have. No consideration to ethical behaviour, transparency or honesty is ever given by them. In a strange way, things like these don’t hold them back while we have all seen how trivial issue like card top ups can cause a storm in a tea cup for Monzo :confused:


I’ve only ever heard bad things about Revolut on this forum - I’ve used them myself a few times, and it’s been a seamless, perfect experience (granted… I’ve never had to contact CS).

Monzo attracts the ethically conscious people due to it’s willingness to be open about how it operates.

It’s a double edged sword, because as soon as things don’t go to plan (foreign ATM fees or debit card top ups for example), you have a bunch of people who have higher standards than your average bank…

I imagine the majority of Revolut customers are happy - They are clearly doing something right.


No consideration to ethical behaviour, transparency or honesty is ever given by them

Just like any telco or similar shitty company, they manage to get away with it because they have a monopoly. Maybe it doesn’t look like it here in the UK (we have Monzo, TransferWise Borderless, etc), but in a lot of EU countries, Revolut is pretty much the only option as far as fintech is concerned, so no matter how bad they are compared to what we’re used to here, they’re still ahead of legacy banks, so they manage to make money and win customers.

Edit: funny how even on a totally unrelated blog post, they still have people complaining… :joy:


I know this probably isn’t the best place to ask this but here goes anyway. I’m hopefully going to be moving to the US in the next year or two, and with the current trajectory of the pound to dollar I’d like to start converting some of my money to dollars if possible. Is Revolut a good tool for this?

Yes, very.

However, the reason I haven’t kept any money in my Revolut account is the horror stories of people having their money frozen (for what would appear to be trivial issues).

So I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with keeping money in the account for long periods of time.

However, I personally haven’t had a bad experience with them, so it could just be a few bad examples which have swayed my thoughts.


Thank you! What’s the best way to transfer money from Monzo to Revolut? Topping up via my card or bank transfer? Relatively small amounts, between £1-2k max.

I think Card should be fine.

It’s normally pretty instant that way.

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I havn’t had any issues with Revolut either but as @nickh states, others have.

I would make sure you have evidence where your money has come from (i.e. work payslips or bank statements showing the deposits). Sudden influxes of thousands of pounds into accounts does flag up anti-fraud/anti-money laundering, even at Monzo. You can then instantly respond if that happens quickly and efficiently.

Make sure you have also verified your Revolut account so that they have formal documents on you. I believe this will help as they won’t need to do the verifying if something is flagged. This is one of the first things I did.

Go to ‘Profile’ under the ‘More’ section of our app, tap ‘Personal details’, and verify your identity. You will need to take a picture of a valid government-issued photo ID and a picture of your face. We may request a copy of your legal right to remain in one of our supported countries (e.g. visa, residence permit). Some tips to ensure the identity verification goes smoothly […]


I also have had no issues with Revolut. In fact, I use them as a ‘primary’ bank account (I live in the eurozone and am paid in Sterling so it works perfectly for me).

As others say, be sure you are properly verified and be ready to provide proof of source of funds if requested. It may be better to make a bank transfer to Revolut rather than card transfer, this might be more easily ‘traceable’ and so perhaps lower risk.

The annual top up limit has now gone which was the biggest cause of the account locks, and I believe Revolut now follow a system of looking at account behavioural patterns rather than individual transactions or arbitrary limits.
So for example, if you receive salary to your Revolut account on a regular basis from the same source, this shouldn’t trigger any blocks (And it hasn’t done for me).

Maybe an option is to open an offshore US account or dollar account if such a thing is available? Then you could use Revolut to do the FX transfer, but then transfer straight out to a dollar account if you are concerned about holding large sums for any duration.

In fact, this is exactly what I do - I’m paid in GBP to Revolut account details, exchange to Euro and then use the Revolut account for card payments, direct debits and scheduled transfers out.
At the end of the month, I simply make a SEPA transfer to a legacy bank Euro account of any surplus so I’m not accumulating too much in Revolut at any one time.

Not that I don’t think for the vast majority of people there are any issues - it’s just that the occasional story that does surface does make you wary.
Although I do feel that legacy banks probably have the same, if not more, complaints from customers - it’s just more visible with the Fintechs with their online communities. And people are more likely to visit a forum to sound off for perceived bad service rather than compliment.

Oh, btw customer service is very, very slow.

But again, absolutely no problems from my point of view and I’ve used then a couple of years now.

Hope this helps


Yes, but I would suggest a different account for actually keeping your USD balance. Use Revolut to transfer maybe $500 across at a time.

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Card is instant, as far as I’m aware, bank transfer are not.
Also, you can top up with a credit card, and Revolut don’t charge you. Some credit cards might treat it as a cash advance, Nationwide doesn’t, and my Select card gives me 0.25% cashback. I haven’t tried Tandem yet. Amex isn’t supported.

Are there any other account you would suggest? It would need to be an account I can set up without a US address.

I’m saving up Euros, and keeping them in Fineco, an Italian bank that offers its services to UK customers and in English.

They also offer a USD account, however, I don’t think it is as good as the Euro account as they don’t offer a debit card for it, and as far as I’m aware, they don’t support ACH transfers.

HSBC and Barclays both offer USD accounts. Again, no debit card, and bank transfers cost $6 each. I believe they do support ACH transfers.

Maybe other people can offer suggestions, as I haven’t really looked at the USD market.