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No, no other transactions to rate anymore :slightly_frowning_face:

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My app is also no longer Beta. Maybe that’s why it’s not showing any more.

Edit: it’s resolved and back showing beta now. Odd.

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Aug 2022
Difference between using Revolut VISA

vs Revolut Mastercard

I always found the Standard visa card to have messy merchant data.

MasterCard would update properly within 24 hours.

Visa Premium had variable data vs MasterCard data.

Probably a huge task but to do what monzo have done would be good. Or for monzo to branch it out and make money off their hard work through other banks/providers :sweat_smile:

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Fake Revolut website :expressionless:
Most funny about, it was noticed as a paid ad on YouTube :thinking:

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Need to tag Storonsky if he’s on Twitter.

I also seen Revolut in the list of Which? Best banks and it ranked quite high!

Ignore the link. Says 2018 :upside_down_face::cry:

Edit edit:

Actually it is accurate as Chase is there :sweat_smile::raised_hands:t3:





How nice for them

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If your an FT subscriber it’s a good read on where Revolut is


I read this the other day.

Nothing we haven’t heard before.

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Revolut has 42% off Metal for Black Friday. Β£120 Β£70


These come out across every bank almost, customer falls for spam call and willingly follows instructions to lose all their money.