Reloading app on new device

New phone but logging in is impossible. App goes straight to “Get card” and not log in.

On the very first screen do you have
“Already have an account? Log in.” as an option?


Hi Tom. Yes, my screen is identical.

So what happens when you press on the option at the bottom?

“Already have an account? Log in”

Make sure you’re using the same email address as the one you signed up with.

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It asks for a phone number and sends a number which I try to enter but I receive an “Oops…” message continually. If I get past that, it requests a postcode and address then informs me that an account already exists and cannot log me in. I’m then shown the " Send my card" screen ad infinitum. I uninstall, reinstall, switch off, switch on, try the log in again, tear my face off and cry - but nowt helps.

Hmm, this sounds like something may have gone wrong if you’re sure that you’re tapping the little login text below the continue button (it should simply ask for an email address, not a phone number or postal address).

Can you email with all the details of what you’ve tried so that support can take a look at this for you?


Will do. But I’m definitely using the Log In line rather than the Register button with the correct email address. Any road up, thanks for your help thus far.

You’re right about the email address. I feel such a fool. Please accept my apologies for wasting your time but thanks very much for your help.


No problem at all @greeelis! Glad you got it sorted.

And thanks for letting us know!