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Just added referral code for Wealth Simple. Use this code to get the first £5000 of your portfolio managed fee free.

(Matt C) #64

Discover great local food & drink for less with @Wriggle. Use code WOLTNV to get £5 off your first booking

I’m obsessed with wriggle at the moment, have got some great deals on local independent cafes and restaurants. About to go out for brunch now and thought I’d see if anyone else here is using it?

(Paul) #65

Yeh I use it. It’s great! Not just food too. I saw singing Pirates at cafe Kino which was so much fun

(Andy) #66

Doesn’t cover London!

(Matt C) #67

Sorry, I hadn’t realised that! It is Bristol, Brighton and Cardiff at the moment apparently.

(Is Santa here yet?) #68

Why does no one ever think of poor London? :yum:

(Izzy) #69

I have created a tool called Slink, its like a digital business card that lets you add links to all your social media profiles and websites.

At the moment, I am using it to link to my own social media profiles but have also started to include my referral links to use on other sites.

Have a look my page as an example…

(Kolok) #70

Sweet, really nice idea!

(Dan Mullen) #71

Just added a link to Bux, a new service that allows you to trade in stocks with 0% commission:

(Is Santa here yet?) #72

They’ll be launching in Holland and Germany first next year and then eventually to rest of Europe. Might be waiting a while

You can do CFDs from the U.K. now I think

(Matt C) #73

Just to say that, for a limited time only - up until November 30th, OVO have upped the value of the gift card you get from £25 to £50. (M&S, John Lewis or Amazon)


Having been with giffgaff for years I’ve just switched to and it’s been great so far. It’s similar price wise, more data and you get money back for the data you don’t use.

Use this link: to get a free month. There’s a 14 day money back guarantee if you change your mind.

(Frank) #75

The wiki has reached its limit:


I’ve been thinking of clearing out the codes that are there for a little while. It’s pretty hard to know which were there first, as people may or may not have added them to the top of the list.

What would any of the coral crew think if I left all the labels, but just nuked all the links to start afresh again? It’s been a long time since I first set the post up.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #77

I’ll try to remember that next May.

How are you finding Smarty? Is it easy to keep track of your data?

(Michael) #78

I’ve been with smarty for several months now, pretty happy with it. No premium numbers or short SMS numbers without additional credit, but other than that it’s perfect. If you want more, 3 is £20 today for unlimited everything, virgin mobile is £20 for 200gb, 5000 mins

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #79

Thanks for the info. I’ll have to wait till May, though.


OK, I’ve done a refresh of the list. It’s now a year old, so due a clear out. I’ve updated the instructions to include a date, so it’s a little easier to do next time around.

If you added codes before and want to re-add them go ahead :+1:

(Frank) #81

That’s my task for the evening :+1:t2:

(NADI) #82

Hi there,

Anyone here used Nutmeg before? I opened an account a month ago and even though it’s still very early to evaluate but I thought I will share this with you all. I have an offer where you can join Nutmeg with no management fee for 6 months when you invest. Nutmeg can do all the hard work by building you a globally diversified portfolio in line with your risk level and it’s quick and easy to set up your account online and get started. It’s worth noting that I do NOT work for Nutmeg but I will get a reward for successful referrals so it is a win-win :slight_smile:

If interested, you can join at

And as they say, your capital is at risk when you invest!