AmEx Shop Small Offer (Dec 2020)

Has returned and now appears in App and Online Banking.

£5 cashback on £10 spend in selected small businesses.

Effective 5th to 20th December 2020.

i.e. Starts tomorrow

If you have an Amex card, activate it in your Offers now


Can’t see it on mine yet

Found it, it’s a bit lower down

There’s a barbers near me on it, so maybe I’ll give that a go tomorrow!

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Love this promotion. There seem to be more stores on it this year. There are 6 places within walking distance of me which I would think of using, ranging from corner shops (£5 off some cans of beer :grinning: ) to fancy coffee shops, pubs, mini supermarkets and micropubs.

Always pay off the Amex in full so that’s potentially £30 of free stuff courtesy of their marketing department if I use all of them.


I’ve activated this yesterday but there are definitely less nearby retailers participating for me than previously! My local chippy has appeared, but the burger place seem to have dropped off the list :sob:

Same here - lots of local merchants that I assumed wouldn’t take amex.

I switched all my spending onto my monzo debit card a while back but I wonder if I’m missing out too much in terms of offers and cashback :thinking:

I did the opposite during 2020 but must admit I missed the simplicity of budgeting as a result. Having to keep moving money into Amex pot is something I probably won’t do in 2021.

Get my first year cashback next month and may call it there.

Made £140,however, that includes the initial 5% bonus.

I’ll be turning down around £50 if spend is similar over next 12 months, though unlikely as no holidays planned.

I just want simple budgets now.

Cba chasing the pennies any more.


I literally only keep the Amex for the shop small and other promotions. I prefer the budgeting tools of Monzo but £5 off a £10 spend is too good to turn down on these occasions.


I agree, but only if you planned on spending there anyway.

If you’re spending purely for the offer, technically you will always be at least £5 worse off!

I took advantage of three Shop Small last time.

One at garden centre, two at eateries.

Would have spent at all three regardless of the offer, so a £15 win :grin:

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No Amex signs or the like in the barber shop, but it worked…so that’s a desperately needed trim for £5. It’s great in instances like this.

Got me a few dinners at ridiculous prices back in August

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Helping “trim” the budget, eh? :joy: