Recommendation for online budgeting tool

Hi everyone,
I’ve been using Buxfer for the last 2 weeks but my free trial has just come to an end and i’m no longer able to sync my banks to it, which is a major need for me.

I’ve tried money dashboard but it just doesn’t offer what I need. Does anyone have any recommendations for free software that they use to track their transactions and spending?

There was a discussion of these things recently, search the forum, there are a few options…

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If that’s all you need to do, Emma and Yolt are worth looking at. Or you could put everything through Monzo.

I’ve looked at both of those but I don’t like the interface. I also would like something I can access online and I cant with those ones. I have an AMEX card I get cashback on so I use that for everything as I get that benefit.

Try PocketSmith ( - I used it for a couple of years and while it is fantastic on the web browser version, the mobile app was terrible. I gave up waiting for a mobile app upgrade/reboot and switched to YNAB

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