Rate the Pot image above yours!

We really love seeing all your Pot images. And we’ve enjoyed rating them too.

So, in this thread, share your latest and greatest Pot images… and rate the one above yours! (Just keep it family-friendly, y’all).

I’ll go first:

(Fixed Savings, can he fix it? …never mind!)


Nice and bright, I’m guess it’s for a house extension or sumit.

Guess what it’s for… :grin:


One of my favourite places on earth after Disney World (I’m going in November! Also, not what this pot is for, different destination)


10/10! Super clean, matches the overall aestethic of Monzo and adds a little something if you are, like me, not massive on “actual images” for your pot images :joy::joy: I loved all the pot images you made in the midnight sky! And other than my pot image below I use them as my custom images!

This one is slightly boring but there we go! :joy:


Surely it’s for more memorabilia for @cookywook’s shrine to Bob the Builder that he keeps in the spare room?


I definitely didn’t go with anything overly comedic but i do try and make my pots look nice, and those Monzo user made images at the bottom are really cool so I had to use them for something.

Disney Land!? :joy:

You know the top one is from 1Password?

Yes sir! I took a screenshot of the apps lock screen to use it for that.

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Not quite sure which one is the last image of a pot, but very cute baby, congratulations!

My pot:

:point_up: that looks super clean

I can’t decide between these

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Haha I love this with the Monzo card and car!

This is mine as it’s a accurate representation of how my phone looks at the moment…


I like it! Is that to pay for all the repairs? :crazy_face:

Here’s the pot where my monthly spending goes and a bit comes out daily!


10/10 my face when the monthly spending report just dropped in my feed :tired_face:

Likely to assign this one for BTC:

This one for random unforecasted things to save the day so I don’t have to liquidate savings/investments:

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