Quick Fix - Expenditure Categories

There’s room on the screen - so whilst I would like more detailed categories e.g. as per a department store directory - could we at least have the following added:
One Customisable

It would really make a difference! General is far too general!

Have been extensively discussed

And we’ll keep on discussing it until Mondo relent :cry: I can see both points of view and don’t want Mondo to neglect other more important things. On the other hand I, like many others have stated here, want a commitment to wider category palette. Even if we can’t have a fully customisable category range, at least give us 15, 20 or 30 categories

And don’t get me started on Sub-Categories :rage::rage::rage::rage:

This would largely be solved when they introduce budgeting into the app, which they have been working on for a while. Currently I use YNAB for budgeting etc, and once :mondo: brings their own, I’ll probably stop using it if :mondo:'s is great :blush:

Nigel - My sentiments exactly! The space is there to do it and I can’t believe that it would be time consuming or difficult to implement some extra categories quickly.

I would love to think that one day that categorisation will be to the same par as YNAB. But YNAB was built specifically for budgeting - you can have as many or as few categories as you want, and similarly as many or as few subcategories as you want. You can therefore budget as granularly or generically as you like. That’s what YNAB does - budgeting.

Mondo gives us 10 rather broad categories. That’s probably 10 more categories than many people ever had, and probably many fewer than those of us who are experienced YNABbers currently have.

I’ve resigned myself to continue using YNAB as I’ve not seen any indication by Mondo that more categories are going to be added or customisable, and similarly the budgeting (target) feature appears to be based on those same 10 categories. When virtual saving pots come along that might help (especially with saving goals) and I’ll review things then. But for me personally, budgeting in Mondo just isn’t good enough. Not yet.

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I wouldn’t say more and customisable categories were a complete game breaker but it would go a long way towards convincing me to change my bank when Mondo get their licence.

Yeh I seem to remember there was another long thread on this before.

Mondo are torn between customisation of category vs comparability across the user base. This is my understanding at least. It’s difficult to do cool data mining of the type: “On average users spend £50 / week on coffee” when your users have called their customised categories things like “coffee”, “hot drinks” and “meeting beverages”.

The problem is, as many others, I find the lack of detailed categories a serious problem when it comes to budgeting.

I’d like to see some kind of hybrid - like customisable categories with an enforced mapping back to a Mondo root category. For example, my “meeting beverages” maps back to the less granular Mondo “Eating out” so that everybody wins.

Of course, the issue may have moved on and my understanding may be incomplete. My apologies if that is the case.


You might have been thinking of this thread Custom categories & multi category transactions?

I’m a fan of the interim solution that @Matthew suggested -

I use emoji, rather than text tags though, to avoid the risk of inconsistent case / spelling causing me to miss some results in search.