Question: Monzo valuation in 202x?

There’s an update on this over here in the forums.

our share price remains at £14.41

Perhaps the title should be 20xx

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Are you from 5 years in the future?


Seemingly ramping up for that IPO.

From your lips to TS Anil’s ears


And already spending the money


This role has been live for a while!

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When I saw this headline & the relatively small ($50M) amount, I was briefly excited that they were going to use this round to provide some liquidity to existing shareholders. But looks like no such luck : (

Must be desperate as it’s popped up in my feed :joy:

By ‘providing liquidity to existing shareholders’ do you mean paying a dividend? We are probably 15 years away minimum from Monzo paying dividends.

Or do you mean some sort of offer to buy shares back? Also really not something remotely likely, investors put money in so the money can be used to grow. The shares will be liquid assets after an IPO, and no sooner.

I can only dream of having this level of optimism. Cup so fall it might overflow and cure safe water for the whole levels of happy.

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My guess it would be either a way for long-term employees to offload some shares and/or buying shares off an existing shareholder looking to cash out?

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Looking at other fintech multiples and bank stocks, I think it’s unlikely Monzo’s valuation will increase very much before IPO now. Times have changed, valuations are back to reality.

Monzo investors have taken a battering with dilution the past few years too.

I can’t see it being worth much more than 8bn if it’s lucky at IPO now

My view has always been that Monzo could position themselves as very comparable to Wise. A few years behind them on revenue and international expansion, but a much broader proposition which allows for more growth potential.

In which case, a valuation in the £8-10bn makes sense to me (Wise current market cap is c.£9.5bn). That would give us a share price of around £25, assuming no more dilutive raises (might be a dodgy assumption :sweat_smile:).