QIF Export


Two feature requests really pertaining to the QIF export of statements…

  1. Can we have it so that you can choose the date range and it exports all that data, as opposed to having to export either all data since the beginning of time, or just one month by month?

  2. Can we get the QIF to stop including its own categories in the file? It just means its always creating extra categories in whatever money management program we’re using so we need to delete them every time?

  1. You can have some more flexibility on the date range by exporting with the search function in the Home tab.
  2. Or you can edit the QIF in a text editor. I suppose this would be faster than deleting categories in any money management program

Ah great thanks! Any way we can select a date range (i.e. search between two dates), as opposed to just this month, this quarter, this year, last month, last quarter etc…?

Also, any support for OFX as opposed to QIF would be much appreciated. OFX is much more superior to QIF in terms of file formats…

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