Premium Accounts

On and off there has been some discussion about Premium accounts and should Monzo have them or not.

Original thread: Premium current account

It has also been mentioned in a variety of posts and Monzo, while not initially planning on it was also interested to see what we (the users thought).

So without further ado… I raise the topic again… hopefully with a bit more traction :smiley: (both for and against).

I’m largely in favour of it. I currently have one with RBS which provides a few benefits (£20 a month)

  • Travel insurance
  • Mobile phone insurance
  • Breakdown cover
  • Taste card
  • National trust for Scotland passes (going to be removed soon)
  • Travel discount (also going to be removed soon)
  • 2% cashback on certain direct debits

We also see that N26 offers, which it charges (soon to be around) 10 euro’s a month (for black, haven’t touched on metal))

  • Mobile phone theft protection,
  • Travel Insurance
  • ATM theft protection (not really sure what this is)
  • Extended Warranty, Purchase Protection

Other banks offer these accounts… largely with the same features.

But should Monzo do it? If the price is right… I think so, i’d be interested. As a mobile, internet only bank, having mobile phone insurance would be common sense for the user. It could also be another way for Monzo to make a little bit of extra revenue.

If there was an option for a metal card (that isn’t Hot Coral) i’d be willing to sign up to that as well…

But this is just me… what does everyone else think? :smiley:

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